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Sun Damage on Face

Mamta Mule
The harsh rays of the sun can lead to a dark and uneven skin tone and damage its texture. Listed out are a few ways to reverse the sun's damage on your face.
Sun damage is very common in hot summers. As soon as you step out, the harsh sunrays start damaging your skin. Your facial skin is very sensitive and easily gets damaged. Moreover, sun damage on face is noticeable and can instantly give you an unattractive look.
Repeated exposure to sun can lead to age spots and ugly blemishes on face which are common signs of sun damage face.
With sun damage, the face can look very dull due to discoloration. Your complexion is sure to darken and look uneven due to chronic sun damage. You face starts looking darker than the rest of your skin which is not exposed to sunrays.

How to Get Rid of Sun Damage on Face

Chemical Peel Kits

Firstly, you might consider buying a chemical peel kit which can be used at home without the assistance of a professional. This helps remove the topmost layer of your skin, clearing the spots on and giving you clean and even skin tone. This will reduce the sun damage noticeably.
The face needs some recovery time in this case and should not at all be exposed to sunlight until then. You can also opt for this treatment at beauty salons and skin clinics if you want to get it done professionally. Its cost depends upon the damage caused and area to be worked upon.


This is another solution to cure sun damage very effectively. In microdermabrasion, various abrasive products containing fine granules are used to exfoliate the outer layers of the skin. Skin exfoliation is often followed by application of an anti-damage mask.
Remember that this is a short procedure and does not use chemicals. You can also apply make up soon after the procedure is over. While clearing sun damage, the face will also get a refreshing look, wrinkles will be reduced, and you will notice an overall younger facial skin texture.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

This is one of the various laser procedures that are used to cure skin problems. Age spots and other problems caused due to exposure can be cured with laser skin resurfacing. In this process, the damaged molecular bonds of your skin are dissolved using a laser, layer by layer, until you have uniform skin.
Apart from sun damage, the face will also be rejuvenated, resulting in a healthier and younger complexion for a long time.
While you can use the aforementioned treatments to reverse the damage of sun's rays, you can also opt for home remedies to cure blemishes, discoloration, and sun spots.You can opt for dermatologically tested skin care creams that fade age spots and other signs of sun damage.
Use of a sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from further harm and restore the appearance of your younger-looking skin.
A wide hat or an umbrella will be helpful. With these precautions and treatments, keep your skin protected from sunburns, age spots, large pores, broken capillaries, wrinkles, and blemishes. In short, look gorgeous!