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Fresh Makeup Looks for Summer

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Summer is all about flaunting a natural yet alluring look. Information here gives more insight into the different types of makeup looks to wear in summer.
When summer arrives, the warm climate, the cool breeze by the sea, and the touch of soft silver sand all beckon us to go outdoors. Another advantage of vacationing on the beach is the gorgeous sun-kissed look that you get at the end of your holiday.
Since summer entails spending long hours outdoors, you need to make substantial changes in your makeup routine too. Summer makeup basically involves keeping it minimal and retaining a fresh and dewy look. Here are some makeup looks you can indulge in this summer.

Nude Makeup

Nude makeup is applying minimum makeup to achieve a natural look. This is mainly for women who have a flawless skin and need no foundation to even out their skin tone.
However, you can use a tinted face cream to render an even and finished look to your skin. Contour your eyes with a black or brown eye-defining pencil. If you must, apply a matte nude eye shadow to give your eyes a fresh and natural look.
You may also keep your eyes bare, with just a brown or black mascara on the lashes. Apply a natural blush on cheekbones in colors such as beige, rose, or peach. Complete your look with a lip balm in any of the above colors.

Natural Makeup

A natural makeup look makes use of quite a few makeup products. However, these products should have a very light formulation so as not to make it seem overdone. Choose a foundation with a good SPF in order to get complete sun protection. Dust some translucent powder to set the foundation right. The powder will also give your face a matte finish.
If you wish to go in for a radiant look, apply some illuminating foundation on your face and neck. Create subtle eye contours with a brown eye pencil along the natural shape of the eye.
Use soft colors such as pink, beige, lavender, or baby blue for the eye shadow. Curl your lashes and apply a natural brown, violet, or black mascara. Opt for warm lip colors such as orange and red, or any neutral colors.

Bold Makeup

Summer also gives you ample scope to play with vibrant colors. A bold look is good, but make sure your overall appearance is balanced. For instance, if you decide to play with eye shadow colors, make sure your lips and cheeks are underdone.
Go in for playful colors like mango green, purple, or lilac for eye shadow. On the other hand, you may also use funky eye pencils and opt for a nude eye shadow to get a more balanced eye makeup. You can experiment with colors of mascara, and settle for unusual shades like green or violet. Do not forget to dust shimmering golden powder under your eyebrows.

Summer Makeup Tips

Summer may not be the best time to apply makeup on your skin as the heat and humidity make your skin sweat a lot. This may lead your makeup products to run down your face. Hence, always use waterproof products. They may also come in handy if you decide to take a quick swim.
Since heat tends to increase the size of skin pores, there is a possibility of cosmetics entering your skin. Hence, cleanse your skin regularly with a deep pore cleansing milk, and then seal the pores with a toner.
Apply makeup products only after you are done with this routine. Repeat the cleansing procedure while removing makeup too.
In summer, it is best to look natural and not overly made up. Choose a look you are comfortable with and be at your beautiful best even in the scorching heat.