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Step-by-step Guide for Summer Makeup

Puja Lalwani
As fashion trends change every season, so do makeup trends. Stay 'hot' this summer, with these tips and ideas on makeup.
The purpose of writing about summer makeup is to help you protect your skin from the heat and the harsh sunrays, while giving you a new look in accordance with the latest makeup trends.
Constant sweating during summer poses a major hindrance to your makeup, what with the runny eyeliner, and melting moisturizer and foundation. To be able to tackle all this, and yet look as fresh as a daisy, presented here are some tips on having your makeup stay put during summer.

Start with the Basics

Before you apply makeup, it is important to keep the basics of facial skin care in mind. Start your makeup routine by first applying a sunscreen with moisturizer, that has a minimum SPF of 25-30.
Apply primer after you apply moisturizer, and before you apply foundation (if necessary). It gives the skin a smooth, fresh look, and is perfect for summer.

Skip the Foundation

If possible, use a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation. This serves the purpose of foundation without giving the makeup a caked appearance in the heat. If you do apply foundation, skip the hairline and concentrate on the center of your face.
Also, choose a mild liquid-based foundation or waterproof foundation, rather than an oil based one for a smoother look. Getting the foundation right is essential. Use a loose powder for better coverage. Avoid pressed powder as it gives a fake look.

Highlight Your Assets

Using a bronzer on important zones on the face gives a natural appearance. Apply a powder bronzer on your forehead, cheekbones, nose, and chin for a natural look.
Also, apply some on your neck, and your ear lobes, particularly if you are wearing a ponytail, or have short hair, so that your makeup looks even.

Summer Equals Vibrant

Many makeup experts suggest applying light makeup during this season. However, it just doesn't feel like summer if your makeup isn't vibrant. That doesn't mean using loud colors!
Try a mild apple colored blush on your cheeks, or a yellow, light green or aqua blue shade of eye shadow. Just remember to go easy on the lip colors. Don't use a thick lipstick; instead use a tinted lip balm with SPF. It gives your lips the right glow, and protects them from the sun.

Get the Eyes Right

While doing your eye makeup routine, don't apply moisturizer on the eyes in the summer, because it can make your makeup look all wrong. Instead, choose an eye primer, followed with the use of cream and powder eye shadow.
Then, apply a thin line of eyeliner, and follow it up with mascara. Skip the kohl, it causes the makeup to look very heavy. Make sure all your eye makeup is waterproof. You don't want your makeup smudged around your eyes because of your constant perspiration.
These are some of the best looks for summer that you can achieve, with a dash of a vibrant color in the form of blush or eyeshadow. Remember, this is a time to keep everything fresh and light, right from your attire to your makeup.