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Summer Haircuts

Kashmira Lad
Get ready to sizzle this summer with some of these ideas for summer haircuts. Read on to know about some useful tips to create and maintain these elegant and presentable hairstyles.
Beautiful blooms and bright sunshine, the summer season has all this and much more in store. This is the time to have fun in the sun! It is the time to pull out those flowery dresses and high heels and it also means loads of trips to the beach.
The season also allows some time for experimentation! This is the time when you can try out some new and trendy hairstyles. Long, cascading hair is not really suited for the hot and sultry weather. The idea is to look cool and trendy without really feeling the heat!

Ideas for a Trendy Haircut

The bob has been around for ages, but variations have emerged over the years. From the basic bob, we now have the stylized inverted bob where the hair is longer towards the front area of the crown.
The inverted bob would require you to have sleek, straight hair to make it look really trendy. The best thing about this is that it's short and sleek.
Apart from the inverted bob, one can also try the blunt bob, which is slightly shorter.
The asymmetrical bob hairstyle is yet another kind that is extremely popular. This popular cut involves the use of asymmetrical bangs on one side of the head so that it hangs heavily on that side.
The reason why bobs are popular is that they are easy to manage. On a hot summers day, they are of low maintenance and on a busy day, they are easy to wash as well.
Short crops are yet another popular option for summer haircuts. Short crops can also enhance the volume of hair. You can opt for the razor to add more bounce and texture to the cut. They suit women who don't mind looking for a new adventurous fashionable hairstyle.
Classy updos are an haute option for girls who do not want to lose the length of their hair. Long hair is then best tied up in elegant updos. This hairstyle would require you to use the help of a hair expert. Try braided stylish updos to keep your hair in place.
A bun is also an ideal option. For this, trim your hair and add some layers. Then tie a low bun and use an elegant hairpiece to keep it in place. This will make you look graceful and keep you cool!

Hot Tips

>>Use some Jojoba oil for the ends of the strands to soften hair on a dry, summer day. Jojoba oil is particularly helpful for dry, frizzy hair.
>>When out in the sun, always use a hat to protect your hair from the harsh rays of the sun. A stylish scarf would also be an ideal option if hats tend to be too difficult to manage.
>>Bold hair colors blend well with short hairstyles. The season is therefore an ideal time to experiment with zany hair colors.
>>Short hair would look stylish when combined with fringes or bangs. These add to the glam element.