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Summer Hair Highlights

Here are some hair color ideas for summer hair highlights with some funky looks that you can try out.
Tulika Nair
Summer can be a tortuous month. The heat can get to you so badly that more often than not you are tempted to cut off all your hair and relegate them to a short, chic haircut that will keep you cool as well. But if that is not possible, then you can also choose to get a new look for summer to keep your mood uplifted enough to fight the summer heat.
One way to get a completely new look is to opt for some highlights. To ensure that your look suits you, you need to make sure that the color accentuates your appearance by highlighting your face. If your skin tone is towards the warmer side, then you should opt for warm hair colors and those with cool skin tones, should opt for cool hair colors.
Mixing the two tones can often have disastrous results. Another way to choose the right hair color is to match it with your eye color. Blue eyes reflect a cool skin tone, hazel eyes are synonymous with warm skin tones as are brown.
Often colors that do not seem complementary can go well together, for example, if you have green eyes, then red hair color would actually suit you very well. But this is just some tips that you can use. Let us take a look at the best options for hair highlights in the summer.

Hair Highlights for the Summer

This summer fashion has gone back to the natural, subdued look and the same is true for hair color as well. But, there are some extraordinarily bright colors that are also making the waves not only on the ramps but also the streets. Choosing a hair color, of course depends on what suits you, but you can still take a look at some of the ideas given here.

Natural Complements

One way to completely steal the show this summer is to opt for a hair color that is just a couple of shades darker than your natural hair color.
This is one way to ensure that not only does your hair color complement you completely but also appears like the hair is just reflecting off light. This can be the best way to ensure that you look both classy and subtle. The subtle hair color can also add an illusion of volume to your hair.

Bold and Beautiful

For the young at heart, there are many brilliant hair highlight ideas to try out from. Some colors that have become definitely popular and are forcing women to break the mold are bright red, electric blue, neon pink, and purple.
With these colors, remember to keep the highlights away from your face and towards the base of the hair. Remember that with such bold colors, you need to have the personality to carry it off. With brightly colored hair, you have to be even more particular about proper hair care.

Surfer Locks

A look that will work for women who have darker and reddish shaded hair is what is being increasingly called the surfer look. Because of the time that they spend in the sun, their hair tends to get beautiful natural highlights that is lightened in the perfect gradation.
The art is to lighten your hair color for the layers that frame your face and allow the roots of your hair to remain dark. Allow some of the locks that frame the face to have the darker color to give it a more natural appearance.

Pretty Platinum

If you have blond hair, then a look that you should definitely opt for is to color your hair in a shade of platinum which is a huge trend this summer, especially since Reese Witherspoon has been sported with a similar look.
With such a look, though you will have to opt for highlights almost every month as the roots will begin to show, spoiling the effect of the look.
These are just some of the best highlight ideas that you can choose from. Summer can be a brilliant time to experiment with your hair and your look. Try out one of these many ideas and you should be ready to be drowned by compliments.