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Styling Short Hair

Pragya T
Are you wondering how to style your short hair into a brand new style? Read on to discover different ways of styling short hair...
Short hair is the easiest to manage. However with the same short haircut or the same old bob haircut one can get bored. There are many options of short hairstyles. With basic hair care products, style your hair into faux mohawk to dreadlocks. Or use scissors to trim your hair to create neat bangs or give your hair a wispy effect with a razor cut.

Short Stylish Hairstyles

If you are tired of your plain short hair, consider getting these haircuts.
• The A line haircuts are very popular and give an edgy and stylish look to the hair. You can use these hairdo's to transform your plain bob into a stylish one. Cut your hair short at the nape of the neck and longer near the sides.
• Another option is to get layers in your hair, layers work great no matter what your hair type is. Blow dry your layered cut hair by flipping it outwards and you have a stylish haircut.
• Pixie short haircuts are a good option if you have extremely short hair, and are looking for something very manageable but stylish. To get the pixie haircut you need to cut your hair very short all over and leave long bangs in the front.
• If you like the choppy new hairstyle look, then get all the hair strands of your hair cut into different lengths.

Styling Tips

Mentioned here were the different short haircut ideas. Now, let us look at some quick styling tips that you can do at home.
• Try a zigzag parting or change your middle parting to side or vice versa. Take out some side strands and use a hair gel to style them at the sides of your face.
• You can go with Cleopatra straight or side sweeping bangs. For straight bangs, comb a front section of your hair and give it a straight cut so that the hair length is till your eyebrow level. For side sweeping bangs, hold the front section of your hair to your opposite ear and cut till your nose level, comb and check.
• To get a soft wispy ends look, consider running a razor through various sections of your hair to remove the bulk of your hair.
• If you are bored of your plain straight haircut, then consider getting beach waves done. Spray sea salt spray all over your hair, then divide your hair into 4 equal sections and create braids. Let your hair dry then untie them and check the waves.
• Take some hair gel in your palms and evenly spread it throughout your hair. Then style the hair on your crown straight up to create a faux mohawk style.
• To get faux dreadlocks in your hair, use a hair serum and hair voluming cream. Then separate your hair into strands of different thickness. Spin the hair strands and use clips to secure them. Then use a straightening iron on these strands. Use a hair spray to secure the dreadlocks longer.
• Another way to get interesting style in your plain hair is to use the crumbling iron. Make sure you use hair serum to prevent any burning of the hair and then use the iron.
So what are you waiting for? Gather the required hair styling materials and try out the mentioned hairstyling ideas.