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What is Hair Gel?

Hair gel is a lifesaver for hair that craves drama and upbeat style. Let's take a look at what this hair product is, and why you should use it.
Mamta Mule
Hair gel is a fascinating product to work with, where there are all kinds of this styling product. Pomade, hair mousse, and hairspray, are just some products that mimic the features of a hair gel. It is translucent in color, carries a fragrant smell, and is easy to apply on hair that is either damp or towel-dried.
The best length of hair this gel works well with, are medium-short or pixie-style haircuts. Long hair would be weighed down by the product's properties, unless it is specially formulated for long tresses.

How to Choose a Hair Gel

Hair gel comes in a variety of makes, where its ingredients differ according to a buyer's type of hair. From lightweight formulas to stronghold varieties, hair gel is meant to perform a certain function based on what you want out of it―added volume, extra smoothness, gravity-defying locks, stiff hair, a slicked-back look, or defined curls.
Once you know what you want out of a hair gel, you'll be able to choose a type that works for your hair, and not against it.
Those who have oily or extremely dry hair, should consider using a formula that is made specifically for such hair; this is mentioned on the product, so be sure to read it carefully before making a buy. You don't want your hair to look oilier or drip when you perspire, since that would draw unflattering attention not just to your hair, but your face or the back of your neck if the product runs.

Applying Hair Gel

This product works better when styled on semi-wet hair, since it allows you to manipulate it easily, allowing it to reveal a natural-looking result, after it dries completely. For an even sleeker finish, blow-dry hair using medium-heat, buffing the hair roots with a boar brush. Style it in the direction you wish for it to stay put in, before applying hair gel to help it behave.
Don't choose a formula that leaves hair, stiff as a board―choose one that settles into a semi-hard finish. It should also not leave behind a residue after you've washed it off. Flakiness, dryness, or dripping, shouldn't be entertained; toss the hair gel in the trash bin if it irritates your scalp or causes any unsightly problems.
Gel-based products for the hair are usually sticky to the touch, therefore, choose a brand that doesn't call for touch-ups in the middle of the day. While a hair gel will maintain your hairstyle in top form from sunrise to sunset, reapplying it (certain products will not last you all day) can be bothersome.
Or you could always just wash your hands quickly, after reapplying it. A hair mousse or pomade may be better suited for your hair, so experiment with other kinds of this product before finding one that's good for you.