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Stunning Makeup Tips for a New Year's Eve Party

Sheetal Mandora
Ring in the new year with sparkle and shine. Follow some stunning makeup tips and adorn a new look for the fast-approaching new year.

Seal the Deal!

For women, getting ready for a party on New Year's Eve, is a big deal. Since the night symbolizes 'new beginnings', make an impressive entry by applying these makeup tips for a New Year's party!
A quick tip that will help you keep your makeup intact without you having to touch it up frequently, is to apply a few spritzes of your makeup-setting spray.

Cat Eyes and Winged Tip Eyeliners

If you're tired of the same old style of applying the eyeliner, do give the cat eyes and winged tips a chance.
These not only brighten your eyes, but also make them appear elongated. To get a flawless, smudge-free finish, use a liquid liner as it tends to have a more reflective look.

How to Obtain Cat Eyes and Winged Tip Eyeliner Look

~ Take your liquid liner and hold it at an angle, near the inner edge of your upper lash line.
~ Trace the upper lash line and stop once you reach the outer edge.
~ Now, make a 45 degree angle line away from the outer edge of your lash line.
~ You can make the liner as thick or thin as possible. Just add thin layers over the first line, and keep going for the desired thickness.

Smoky Eyes - Contour Face First

Nothing beats the irresistible and vivacious smoky eyes makeup.
Ladies, you need not restrict yourself to black or gray for this look; once you master the trick, use shades, like plum, gold, blue, copper, and navy. Keep the look as minimal or intense as you want. But, if you want to make a lasting impression, contour and highlight your face for that extra bang.

Colored Eyeliners

Follow the usual routine - primer, eyeshadow, black liquid liner, and mascara. However, the first rule of wearing a colored eyeliner is to not pick your favorite color, but to select a color that will complement the color of your eyes.
For brown eyes, an olive green liner is flattering. Dark purple liner looks amazing on women with green eyes. Hazel eyes look fabulous with purple or deep rose hues.

Vibrant Eyeshadows

Do experiment with eyeshadow colors, a New Year's Eve party demands that you go bigger and bolder than ever.
Ditch the old eyeshadow hues. Depending on the theme for the night, venue, and your outfit, choose an eyeshadow style that you like. You can make it work only when you have the right tools/brushes.

Natural Makeup Look

Whether your skin is fair, pale, olive, or dark, nude or natural makeup looks amazing. To achieve this look, understand which colors suit you the best.
If you have pale or fair skin tone, go with peach and light pink hues. For olive or dark skin tones, cream and pale beige hues are more suitable.

How to Apply Natural Makeup

~ Instead of applying foundation, use a concealer over the problem areas. If need be, lightly apply a bit of foundation that matches your skin tone.
~ Next, enhance your lips. Use a shimmery or clear lip gloss instead.
~ Next, take a good, volumizing mascara and sweep it over your lashes for maximum impact.

Lipstick Shades

~ The right lipstick is the key for perfectly kissable lips. Choose a color that matches your outfit
~ Ruby red amplifies its appeal at night, though it is not obligation.
~ No matter what type of makeup you're planning to do for the evening, always work on your eyes before the rest of your face.

How to Use the Right Lipstick Shades

~ Now, apply a lip liner at the edges of your lips. Use a neutral color or one that matches the lipstick shade.
~ Load a lip brush with color, and fill it in your lips carefully.
~ If you want a deeper color, blot the lips with a tissue paper and apply a second coat.
~ Apply a lip moisturizer before the lipstick, it helps coat the color evenly over your lips, without giving it a chapped appearance.
Don't spend one of the biggest nights of the year retouching your makeup. Apply these makeup quick-tips and have a stress-free new year eve!