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Struggles of a Makeup Addict

Apurva Neurgaonkar
Who doesn't love makeup? We all love flaunting our super glow and batting our eyelashes charmingly at every cute guy we pass. But, putting on makeup isn't a cakewalk, and getting it right is as important as keeping it intact.

You Struggle With Eyeliner, Everyday

Some days your cat eye is perfect, while on other days you are more likely to resemble a panda, or worse. It looks like you've had a fight with some local goons and got a black eye in return.

Mercy, My Eyes!

You've got something in your eyes but can't rub it out because you've just put on mascara. Funny how Murphy's Law works, isn't it?

Get, Set, Panic

When you can't find any of your makeup essentials, you hit the panic button. You then file through your whole purse and belongings just to look for that one precious little thing.

Rain Rain Go Away

You are just about to step out for a glam night and it starts pouring. Why now, why me??? You feel as if God is conspiring against you...

Insecure? Moi?

You hear, "You just wear makeup because you're insecure...". Stop, right there. We wear makeup because we like to, and not to please you. Critics can be 'car geeks' or 'techies', but as soon as you confess your liking to dolling up, they are going to tag you as an 'insecure bimbo'.

Emergency Calls Only

That moment when you are on tight budget, and that new glam makeup range is released. You want to look at that new 'Sale' sign, but you can't. Unbearable, isn't it?

In Sickness and in Health

You can look fab even when your nose is runny or you have a terrible toothache. Though, you can only hope that nothing on your face is smudged.

Your Patience is Tested Every Time

That internal mind struggle, when you've just applied nail paint, and you want to go to the washroom, but your nails are still wet.

Paint Me Red

Others refer to a shade as just red. But there's no such thing as 'just red' in your makeup dictionary; it's 'monsoon' red, you simply know it!