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Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Pragya T
Strawberry blonde is a beautiful warm shade of hair color. However, one should be careful while selecting this shade. Here's more ...
Strawberry blonde is not exactly a red hair color and not a blonde either. It is somewhere in between. Red is a very eye-catching color. When it comes close to yellow shades, strawberry blonde is the color you get. Very few people have natural red hair, though red highlights look great on many base hair colors.
One of the most popular type of color used for getting highlights is the blonde shade. Blonde being a shade of yellow and strawberry hair color being a shade of red hair color, fall under the category of warm colors. They should be selected only by people who have a warm skin tone and eye color.

Who Should Opt for It?

Very few people in this world have natural red hair color, and among the shades of red, very few people will have a beautiful natural strawberry blonde. However, it is possible for you to find the right shade of this hair color and dye your hair with it.
As mentioned above, this hair color is a warm one. So, only people who fall in the warm skin tone and eye color category should go for this hair color.
People who fall in the cool skin tone and eye tone category should avoid this color, because it can make their face look too pasty or bright. Instead, people who fall in the cool category should go for hair highlights of cool blonde shades of icy white or mink.
Strawberry blonde suits people who have a warm complexion, which can be a pale complexion (with peach or golden undertones), freckled complexion, ruddy complexion, or brown skin tone (with pink or golden undertones). The eye color can be hazel colored with brown or golden colored flecks, golden brown, greenish blue, or green eyes.

Coloring Ideas

You can go for strawberry blonde highlights, or dye your hair completely with this shade. If you want to completely dye your hair in this color, then select a dark shade. Make sure you select a color which has undertones of a dark shade, like auburn or dark brown.
You can follow the instructions on the box, and color your hair, or approach a professional stylist for the job. For people who want to highlight their hair using this color, choose a light strawberry blonde shade, which has a hint of golden blonde. These highlights will look great on a hair base of golden blonde, yellow blonde, red, light auburn, etc.
Get around 8 - 12 streaks in your hair, equal number of streaks on the sides, few at the back of the head, and skinny highlights on the bangs.

Hair Care Tips

Before getting into a swimming pool containing chlorinated water, wash your hair with spring water so that it will dilute the harsh chemical effect. Take care not to expose your colored hair to the sun; wear protective gear, like hats, scarves, or use hair care products which have sunscreen in them.
Many leave-in conditioners have sunscreen, which help in preventing color from fading. Also, use mild shampoos to wash your hair. Avoid brushing wet hair, and use a wide tooth comb to untangle your hair. You can also apply hair serum before combing your hair, to protect it better.
Match the right shade of strawberry blonde and its undertones from a hair color chart so that the shades suit with your base hair color. And follow the above hair care tips to protect your hair color better.