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Straightening Short Hair

Rimlee Bhuyan
Styling short hair is difficult. All the regular ways of hair straightening are impossible since you can't get a good grip on short hair. Here are some tips on effectively straightening your hair.
Women get a haircut they like only to realize that it is hard to maintain. Without proper upkeep and styling, hair look rough or fall flat against your scalp. Short hairstyles are very convenient for today's busy world. Styling short hair is a bit difficult though. However, with proper steps you can maintain straight short hair.


There are a number of ways in which you can straighten short hair. One is by blow drying and the other is by using a flat iron.
To straighten with a blow dryer, you will need a round or paddle brush. Invest in good quality products for professional results.
First wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo if you have fine and limp hair, or an anti-frizz shampoo if you have coarse and wavy hair.
Follow this up with a shine-enhancing conditioner. Let your hair air dry, and then start blow drying your hair from the roots. Use the brush to firmly lift your hair from the scalp towards the ceiling, and then direct the blow dryer over this particular section of hair.
If you are having trouble managing your tresses, then section your hair with the help of clips. This will allow you to work on one section at a time. When you are done with the front of your hair, blow dry the back sections. Once all your hair has been straightened, apply a bit of shine serum, and style it into the hairstyle of your choice.
If you find blow drying to be difficult, then you can straighten short hair with a flat iron. However since your hair is short, a conventional wide-plate ceramic iron won't work. You need to purchase a mini flat iron that is made specially for short hair. They are even used by men for straightening short curly hair.
These mini flat irons come with different plate attachments to suit all lengths of hair. A narrow plate which is about one inch in thickness will allow you to effectively style short hair. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before you start ironing.
Apply a serum to protect your tresses from drying out. You should section your tresses, and iron each individual section. Once all your hair has been straightened, apply a shine serum and style as desired.
For long-lasting results you can try permanent straightening treatments. Remember that short hair also requires care, regular hair massages, and spa treatments to keep it in the best condition.