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How to Straighten Hair Without a Straightener

Medha Godbole
Healthy, shining hair is supposed to be a beauty asset. Straight hair has become a craze these days. So if you want to straighten your hair without using a straightener and save a few bucks, which you would otherwise spend on straightening your hair in a salon or a parlor, read on.
Hair straightening involves straightening and flattening of hair for giving it a smooth, sleek and chic appearance. Now normally in salons and parlors they use hair irons, hair straighteners, Japanese or Brazilian styles of hair straightening, for straightening the hair.
But then, these paths to hair straightening can be deviated from, and the task can be achieved without really using a straightener. Here are a few smart tips to do that.

Straightening your Hair Without a Straightener

1. The things we need here are a hair brush, towel, blow dryer and a chemical straightener. First things first, use a blow dryer instead of a flat iron for getting your hair straight. Now while you are using the blow dryer, pull your hair straight out from your head, as you dry.
The heat will act as a natural straightener. If you think this is not your piece of cake, then perhaps you can use a chemical straightening product. But make sure that it's a reputed one and won't harm your lovely looks.
Another easiest way to straighten your hair is to wet brush your hair, that is brush your hair straight.
Now after you brush your hair in that way, secure your hair tight with a towel. Give the hair a breather, wait up for a few minutes after you do that. Repeat the process.
2. Let's check out other tip for straightening hair excluding the hair straightener. You would need a simple cloth iron for this method. You would probably yell at this juncture as to, how can our hair be exposed to an iron, won't the hair burn? But don't worry hair will stay intact. So first, part your hair, in the way you part it for putting into pigtails.
Now put either of the halves into a pigtail with a bobble and focus on the loose side of your hair. Follow that up by taking a small section of this loose hair and clipping the rest of them back. Then grab a tea towel for covering your hand. Put that hand underneath your hair close to your face and then take the iron.
Before you do that, make sure it's set on steam. Now placing the iron on the external side of your hair, run both hands down your hair to the ends. Now you won't buy this, but your hair will be like poker straight in a matter of half a minute.
Succeed this step by clipping the straightened part and moving on to the next section of loose hair. Repeat this for each loose section until you finish straightening all the hair on one side of the head totally. There you go! Your hair is as straight and shiny as it could be!
3. In this method you would need a curling iron. And interestingly, if you use the curling iron by twisting your hair around it, you get curls. But if you do not twist, then your hair gets straightened.
Placing a section of your hair in the curling iron, up by the roots, like you would be curling them, pull your hair straight down rather than twisting them.
It is possible that depending on the direction in which the curl iron is facing, your hair might get a slight curl. But then, that can be dealt with if you twist slightly against the curl when you get to the ends.
One point to remember is that do not hold your hair still when you are putting them in the curling up iron by the roots as it will create a crimp in your hair. Move the iron down as soon as you clamp your hair in.
Do not forget to use a good hair care product for hair care post straightening. You could surely save on a few bucks using these tricks. Good luck!