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How to Straighten Hair Without Heat

Rutuja Jathar
It is tough to straighten your locks without using any heat, but it can be done. Read on to know how to straighten hair without heat.
People with curly or wavy locks know what it takes for daily styling and maintaining them. In the same quest, the hair straighteners and straightening products must have been discovered. Besides, who doesn't want those straight and silky tresses that one can get by spending lesser amount of time?
Straightening hair is one of the most popular hair styling methods done today. There are two ways of doing this, one is temporary straightening and the other one is permanent. According to the method, the straightening techniques vary.
One pleasing fact is that curly and wavy tresses facilitate various styling techniques without needing them to be an ordeal. But, with the bottom line being that most of the techniques heavily use various harmful chemicals and heat, hair can get damaged to a great extent.
Those who are addicted to hair straightening and those who have to straighten hair for an occasion, it is a must to learn how to do so without heat, which is a simple method if done with appropriate knowledge about it.
Some of these natural methods are very effective, especially when one wants to straighten hair temporarily, say for a wedding or a prom night. These are a few easy ways to straighten hair without heat, some of them also require shampoos and conditioners, but make sure you use the best one that suits your hair type.

Method # 1

This is a well-known technique that is commonly used, and it is also used for curling up the hair. Surprised? Well, the method is the same, but the execution makes all the difference. Check out the essentials first and then the procedure.
  • Gentle shampoo
  • Moisturizing leave-in conditioner
  • Setting lotion or hair gel
  • 12 hair rollers in sizes 2 inch (plastic, magnetic, or metal mesh)
  • Roller pins and end papers
  • Combs (medium-tooth and wide-tooth)
In this method, we are going to adapt the basic roller pattern that is helpful for rolling the hair in loose curls. Wash the hair with the shampoo and rinse it well. Divide the hair into six parts and start applying the conditioner. For this, take on section of hair in your hands and start from the tips in the direction of roots.
Repeat the same procedure with all the remaining divisions. Saturate the hair with the conditioner and untangle it with a wide-toothed comb. Cover your head with a dry, but smooth, towel to get out the excessive water. Make sure that the hair is not dripping with water, and again divide it into two sections.
Now, apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner from tips to roots of the hair. Comb the tresses with the wide-toothed comb. With the help of the medium-toothed comb, make the first section of hair and apply the setting gel to it. Place the end paper on the end of the hair and from the tips, start to roll it around the roller.
Make sure that the hair lay smooth on the roller surface. Secure the roller by using two or more roller pins. Repeat the same procedure for all the sections. If you roll the hair towards the face, it provides length; towards the top of the head, it provides body; and towards the neck, it provides bounce.
If the hair starts to get dry during the process, then wet it with water, but make sure that it's not dripping. Keep the rollers on overnight or for an entire day. After that, remove them and see the result!

Method # 2

Wash hair with a good quality clarifying shampoo thoroughly. Then, apply a quality hair redemption solution, which is a well-known product that treats your locks with protein to strengthen as well as condition it. Leave it on the hair for about 20 minutes, prep your tresses well, and make sure that it is 100% dry.
Now is the time to apply the hair activator. For that, saturate the hair completely with the activator. One precaution you need to take is to keep the hair wet all through the application of the activator. If it dries, you will have to reapply the activator all over again. You can let the hair be dry and wear the way you like it to be.
This method is easy for those who are willing to use the flat iron. Make sure that you perform this method and then go to the stylist. This way, you can save money as well as the health of your hair.
Using hair straighteners that don't damage your tresses and some good quality straightening shampoos are also some effective ways, while to straighten your tresses permanently, there is a heavy usage of chemicals and heat.
Straightening with a flat iron is alright only once in a while. Excessive usage of heat will surely damage the hair in a long term. Using the best hair care products and maintaining the health of your locks by having a balanced diet and vitamins is also a must.