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Straighten Hair with Curling Iron

Ujwal Deshmukh
This story guides you through the procedure to straighten your hair with the help of a curling iron instead of a straightening iron, and also provides tips on how to pick up the right one to suit your hair type.
Advancements in technology and cosmetic sciences have made it possible to have a complete makeover and enhance your appearance. Straightening hair, which seemed to be quite difficult in the olden days, has now become easy. Commonly, the straightening iron is used to acquire straight frizz-free manageable hair. However, a curling iron can also be used as a substitute to do the same.

The Procedure

Using this appliance for straightening the hair is neither challenging nor complicated like the other methods.
You just need to follow these easy steps:
  • First and foremost, wash the hair with a good quality moisturizing shampoo and comb them properly. You can even use a brush for this purpose, but ensure that, your hair (although curly/wavy) are tangle free.
  • The next step is to dry the hair evenly and thoroughly. Using the hot iron on damp hair can burn them.
  • Further, apply some hairspray evenly to your hair.
  • Take the gadget and then adjust the temperature. Take a small portion of your hair. Now clip the iron on this portion, as close as possible to the roots of your hair, and slide through it evenly.
  • Once, your hair start straightening, you can apply some more hairspray, so as to fasten and ease the process. Continue this process till your entire hair is straightened completely.

Pick the Right One

You need to take care that the appliance you've selected matches your hair type and length, and that it would be useful in your case. For thicker hair, an iron with multiple heat settings is suggested. On the other hand, people craving for large curls could opt for the one with a large barrel. A thin or small barrel is perfect for thin hair.
For short hair, a short iron is more suitable than any other type. These devices come in different sizes. Size 5/8 inch is a better option for tight and smooth curls, while a 3/8 inch is suitable for bangs, and soft/tight curls. 1'', 1ΒΌ'', 2'' barrels are the other sizes available in the market. You need to choose the one that matches your hair.

Important Tips

For safe and effective hair straightening, you need to follow these tips:
  • See that the temperature setting is correct and safe, as excess temperature might not only damage your hair, but also harm the scalp. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for this purpose.
  • During the straightening process, slide the iron through your hair in a single direction. Make sure you do not make any jerking movements. Do not stop midway, as that can leave unwanted crooked line marks on that portion of the hair.
  • Even and proper straightening is the key to a natural look. So ensure that you are working on the underside of your hair as well.
Following the aforementioned procedure and adhering to the tips would certainly give you the desired results.