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Learn to Straighten Unruly Bangs

Mukta Gaikwad
Bangs are the perfect way to revamp your boring hairstyle. However, they have to be straightened out regularly to manage them neatly. Read on to know more about how to straighten unruly bangs for a sleek look.
Bangs are the extra touch of panache to your looks. They have the ability of taking away years from your face. Bangs have been a famous hairdos in the retro times and in the modern times as well. Anyone, who loves to experiment with hairstyles, bangs are a must try.
However, managing them can be quite a hassle. Out-of-control bangs make no value addition to the face. They only look messy and add to the worries of frayed hair. Straightening is the only way of making them look good on your face.
You don't have to go in for permanent straightening for making them look good. A little tactful use of few hairstyling products will help you get to the looks that can kill!

Step # 1

What is the point of straightened bangs if they are not shiny and sleek? Thus, the procedure of straightening must begin with washing your hair. Shampoo your hair thoroughly and don't forget to condition them.

Step # 2

Dry your drenched hair with a towel. The towel will absorb the excess water. Now you can begin blow-drying your hair. Do not blow dry your hair completely as wee bit of moisture helps in styling hair.

Step # 3

Squeeze out a little bit of curl relaxer on your fingers. Rub your hands together and apply it through your hair. Make sure you use the gel or lotion on your bangs as well. Generous use of curl relaxer can make your hair strands stiff and sticky. So be cautious while using it.

Step # 4

Part your bangs in 2 - 3 sections and secure them with clips for working with ease. This will eliminate tangling of hair and help you work faster.

Step # 5

One by one, blow dry the sections of your hair. Use a brush to tame your lock as you run a blow dryer along. This trick is to blow dry the hair completely straight hair. Part the hair to either of the sides to straighten side swept bangs on long hair or short hair.
Using a hair iron is also an easy way out, but in the longer run it ruins the texture of your hair. Excessive use of blow dryer can also mess up your hair for real good. For a sleek look, hold the blow dryer close to your bangs. Instead of using a curl relaxer regular, hair serum is a wiser option.
It not only keeps your hair in place, but also improves the condition of your hair. Humid weather can make your hair twice or even thrice their original size. Thus, the option to straightening the bangs around that time seems like a great option.
Since styling bangs requires a lot of heat and sometimes chemicals. Thus, it's advisable that you use a fortifying shampoo if you want to regularly straighten your hair. Shampoos rich with vitamins make the strands of your hair stronger. A similar conditioner can also help in smoothing the roughened hair sections.
Excessive use of shampoo can lead to irreparable damage. Therefore, know the amount of shampoo that must be used. Needless to say, long hair require more shampoo than short hair. Lastly, as every strand of your hair is dead, the only way you can nourish it is through dietary nutrients.