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Step-by-step Guide for Making Updos

Rutuja Jathar
Here are some ideas for easy step by step updos for long, medium, as well as curly hair.
There are a few occasions when you are required to substitute that free-flowing mane for a few traditional yet elegant updos. Occasions like weddings, prom nights, or a formal party require sophistication and grace rather than voluptuousness and flamboyance.
There are always a few really beautiful updo hairstyles that women with medium, long, or curly hair can try. These updos can certainly make you look special and beautiful.

For Long Hair

French twist hairstyles are one of the most sophisticated and elegant updos for long hair.
You can wear french twist on a casual as well as a formal occasion. It is the perfect hairstyle for a prom night, an upscale dinner, or a wedding. It is an easy updo and most women prefer to wear it even as an everyday hairstyle. It is ideal for medium and long hair.
However, if your hair is too long, then you might have to twist it far too many times to get the ideal French twist. To make a French twist, you need a few essentials like a comb, hair mousse, and hair accessories like bobby pins and butterfly clips. Always make the French twist on one day old hair (the day after you wash the hair).
Firstly, make a loose ponytail at the lower back of the head, and collect all the stray hair strands with the help of the mousse. Now, lift the ponytail at the back of the head, in an upward direction, and twist it in order to form a roll. Insert the loose ends of the hair strands under and bend the roll. Insert the entire roll inside and under itself.
If you wish, you can leave a few hair strands free to get a casual look. You need to keep on tucking until all the edges of the hair get disappeared within the roll. Secure the twist with the help of bobby pins and butterfly pins. You can decorate this hairstyle further with the help of a few interesting hair accessories like flowers and beaded combs.

For Medium Hair

This updo suits medium as well as long hair.
Along with the length, a full updo is suitable for people with curly, wavy, as well as straight hair. This is the reason why it can be considered as one of the best wedding hairstyles as well as prom hairstyles. This updo should also be performed on one day old hair, which means you should not wash the hair on the day when you want this hairstyle.
Firstly, blow dry your hair in order to get a volume that is required for a full updo. Now, roll the long fringes with the help of large curlers and the small fringes with the help of smaller ones. Now spray a fine layer of a good-quality hairspray all over your hair and let it set for about 20 minutes.
Now, carefully release the hair from the curlers and work your fingers slowly through the curls in a downward direction. Starting from the top of the head, loosely bring about small sections of the hair at the back of your head. Give them a little twirl and secure them at the mid-center of the back of the head, with the help of bobby pins.
Repeat the same procedure in a clockwise manner with the rest of the hair. Now loop the rest of the hanging hair strands around a curling iron and set them well. Afterwards, secure them loosely at the back of the head too. Now, gently draw a few small bangs from the updo, so that they can frame your face. You can style the hair with a hairspray if you wish.

Updos for Curly Hair

Long curly hair can be given a sassy and elegant look in no time. If you have the perfect curls, then this hairstyle is easier, but if you don't, then try these instructions.
Before that, decide what you want to do at the front of your head. For instance, a small pouf, side-swept bangs, or a simple side partition, and do that. Now, twist the hair into a half bun in such a way that the hair ends are positioned on top of the bun.
In case you have short, curly hair, then simply make a ponytail. Clip the ends of the hair in such a way that when dropped down, they can totally cover the bun. Use several small hair pins for the bun to appear larger. Pin all the curly ends at the bottom of the bun with the help of bobby pins.
You can make various updos for curly hair. For instance, spray the hair with a hairspray and then gather and hold them at the nape, like a ponytail. Now attach the hair to the center of the head with a barrette and arrange all the curly ends at the top of your head.
You can also create a half bun of the hair and then arrange the curly ends in a dropping manner to hide the bun. There are various messy updos which can also be tried on curly hair.
Always select updos that suit your facial shape and the type of your hair. It is the best way to look gorgeous.