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Stacked Haircut

Rutuja Jathar
A stacked haircut can transform your plain boring hair into something very flamboyant.
If you are sick of that long hair of yours and want to try something really different and trendy this time, then a stacked haircut is all that you need. Its biggest advantage is that, it suits any type of hair and facial shape.
Most of the time, it is confused with layered type. It doesn't have any specific hair cutting pattern like the layered bob type, but a person's hair are cut in such a way that, they add a significant amount of height to the crown and create an illusion of a thicker mane. This is the reason why they are suitable for people with thin hair too.
When talking about stacked haircut styles and ideas, you may want to consider the requirements for the same and decide on what the length of your haircut should be.

Short Haircut

If you wish to flaunt a trendy short haircut, then a short stacked hairdo is the best thing for you.
Create numerous variations with it, and get the best one according to your preferences. A typically short haircut concentrates on shorter hair at the back of the head, and longer hair at the front. Hair at the back are cut into various stacked layers, while front maintains angled plain layers.
You can easily incorporate the inverted bob and angled bob hairdos with the stacked ones. You may adjust the length of your hair at the back, but make sure that they don't fall below the nape.
You can also add a few asymmetrical bangs with your haircut. Styling the haircut is the key. Rather than the typical middle partition, create an uneven partition, so that it looks more interesting. You may want to use a serum or a mousse to style the do.

Haircut with Bangs

If you are interested in a medium hairstyle which is trendy, sporty, and sophisticated at the same time, then you should opt for haircuts with bangs. Hairdos with bangs soften one's facial features and hence, they are an ideal choice for people with square or round faces, or extremely sharp features like long noses and large foreheads.
You can simply add long, face framing layers with stacked layers at the back and crown of the head. It is important to get razor layers, otherwise your do might look flat and lifeless.
If you have wavy or slightly curly hair, then make sure you straighten the hair and style them with a nice hair shine serum. You can get a stacked haircut for curly hair, but make it a point to use some frizz reducing serum and such hair care products to take care of it.

Maintaining and Styling the Haircut

Even after you get your haircut, you will have work left. You need to style it to perfection too. You can try various hair color ideas to complement the do that you have chosen. Especially, people with thin hair must opt for highlights and lowlights for the hair to get the desired volume and texture.
Afterward, you can style them with the help of a round hair brush and a blow dryer. You need to curl them along the shape of your head. For the hair in the front, work a long angle towards the chin. If you wish, you can also do a little back combing at the crown to add height to your face's shape.
Always remember that the hair at the front need to be smooth, while those at the back need to be slightly messy. This way you can successfully flaunt a trendy, sporty, yet elegant haircut.
This do is voguish, easy to style, and easy to maintain at the same time. So, select one of the stacked haircuts for yourself and flaunt it with panache.