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Squeezing Blackheads

Kalpana Kumari
Is it bad to squeeze blackheads? How to squeeze them out? An attempt has been made to answer such queries in the following story. Read through it to gather some useful information on the same.
Blackheads are one of those problems of the skin that are almost unavoidable. They happen to almost everyone. The occurrence of blackheads is fairly common in teenagers as their bodies undergo numerous hormonal changes.
Many people, particularly the teens, tend to aggravate the problem by frequently touching the blackheads. Actually, such a tendency is quite natural and difficult to resist. It is believed that squeezing them makes the problem even worse.

Is It Okay to Squeeze Blackheads?

Honestly, it is difficult to give the answer as 'yes' or 'no' to the above question. However, an attempt to solve the query can surely be made. Let's try to find an appropriate answer.
Your skin has numerous pores. It produces oil that spreads around to hold moisture in the skin. Sometimes, the oil produced naturally does not spread and gets collected in the pore. It is often followed by the deposition of dead cells, dirt, and dust in the skin pore. The upper part of this deposition is exposed to air. It gets oxidized and appears dark or black in color. This is how a blackhead is formed.
It is actually the first step of acne formation. It keeps on depositing newer dead cells, oil, dust, and dirt while expanding. In the process, it stretches the skin pore and causes further damage to your skin. In order to control the progression of skin damage, you need to remove it from your skin as soon as possible. Removal of blackheads is possible through various home remedies and dermatological treatment methods.
Squeezing them out may be one of the options. Still, it is not much recommended by skin care experts. The reason that they give is that while squeezing, cheek, etc, one tends to pick out the surrounding skin. The loss of the skin from that part leaves behind a depression that takes years to get filled with newer cells.
Such depressions on the skin are not aesthetically pleasant. If you squeeze a blackhead without damaging the skin surrounding it, then you can get what you want in a matter of minutes. Hence, the solution to the problem of blackheads is removing them in a proper way with care, patience, and attention.

The Procedure

You need to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness throughout the procedure. To start with the process, wash both your hands well with a good quality antibacterial soap. Take a mild face wash or the one that suits your skin, to clean the facial skin. Now, use a scrub; apricot based scrubbing agents are considered to be ideal for this purpose.
Removal of dead skin cells from the face will expose the blackheads, thereby making squeezing easier. Boil water in a bowl. Bend over the bowl of water such that the steam warms up your face. Make sure to maintain a comfortable distance from the bowl to prevent burning.
Do it for a couple of minutes to soften the blackheads. Alternatively, place a warm compress on your face for about 5 minutes. This will give you the same result. Place one finger from each hand on the sides of the blackhead. Apply gentle but steady pressure.
Do not pinch the skin. Do it for about a minute. Remove the hands from there and again take either steam or warm compress. Apply light pressure with your fingers as described above. This time, you are likely to get the blackhead squeezed out. If not, then relax for some time and repeat the entire procedure.
If you think that you can follow the procedure on squeezing out blackheads as described above, then go for it. This is the easiest and quickest way of getting rid of them.