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Best Hair Trends for Spring 2020

Sujata Iyer
Spring 2020 is here! And has brought with it a flurry of hair trends that are simple yet classy and fun. Have a peek at these spring hair trends where simple and natural looking waves are favored by most.
A bad hair day can turn a seemingly nice day into a disastrous one. Note that this is not an exaggeration. It may seem a little shallow and minuscule compared to other important things going on in our lives and around the world.
If you're not comfortable with the way you look, then you're not comfortable with the way you feel and this discomfort, unfortunately becomes very evident in the way you carry yourself. So to spare everyone around you, the horror of having to tolerate your bouts of frustration, let us see what we can do to keep your hair trendy and fabulous this spring.

Hair Trends this Spring

Spring brings with it a melee of new colors, styles and textures, both in fabric and in hair. There's so much that can be done with hair that is inspired by the spirit of spring.
Whether it's a simple haircut or a complete transformation, everything screams life and bounty. This is what hair trends are all about this spring. Here's a comprehensive summary of some of the best hairstyles predicted to be in vogue in spring 2020.

Plaits and Twirls

Plaits, braids and twirls; that's what spring hair trends is all about.
It's all about tying your hair in a manner that makes it look neat, classy, yet fun and sassy. If you thought a braid couldn't do all that, think again. There are various styles of braids and twists you can experiment with. Invent your own style and set a statement.
Twirls are big on the bridal scene as well. So if you're getting married and are contemplating a hairdo, a plait tied after twisting the hair on top is perfect! Plaits and twirls are ruling the ramps too, just in case you're still considering it.

Damp and Neat

Women who are extremely fussy about keeping their hair 'in place' all the time, this spring is for them. Yes, the glistening and flat look is in vogue, what with almost every third fashion model sporting it on the ramp.
This hairstyle may require a bit more maintenance, owing to the use of hair holding products that you'll have to use. But there's no way around it if you want to maintain the wet look all day long.

Side Parting

This spring is all about side parting hairstyles. It's one of the simplest hairdos that a woman can sport, yet needs considerable effort, not to mention time.
Wash and condition your hair before you intend to blow dry it and then side part your hair. Straight, curly, wavy, long or short hair; whatever you have, nothing beats a side parted mane!


Looks like classics are back with a bang. Yet another evergreen hairstyle that needs little to no effort is a ponytail. There's something so inherently pretty about a ponytail that it makes everyone want one.
The best part is, it can be modified and combined with various styles, making it a very versatile hair trend. Whatever the length or texture of your hair and whatever the occasion, you just cannot go wrong with a well-tied and styled ponytail.


Updos never really go out of style, they just keep returning with varieties and a bit of tweaking here and there. This spring, it's embellished updos that are catching everyone's eye on the ramp.
Fancy up a simple side bun with a flower, or add funky clips for a casual occasion. Brides can fully exploit this hairstyle since it will serve a dual purpose of holding the veil and making you look absolutely stunning on your wedding day! There's not much you can ask for in a hairstyle as chic as an updo, is there?

Short Hair

Short hairstyles will rule the spring of 2020! Chic short hairdos suit almost all face shapes in some or the other way. May it be a bob or pixie haircut, short hair will always be in vogue.
Pick up any look from the ones mentioned  here and have a wonderful time trying out styles. Don't be afraid to try something new. Enjoy the admiring glances you'll get by following these trends. If you're still not convinced, here's a little secret: the supermodels are doing them too!