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Wonderful Spiky Hairstyles That Are In Vogue

Wearing spiky hairstyles has been a trend for some years now. If you haven't tried this and now want to experiment, we will help you along.
Stephen Rampur
There are many kinds of hairstyles that a person may prefer to wear to avoid too much hair care or may be just for the sake of looking in vogue. Men and women these days prefer to have short haircuts, to avoid wasting time on maintaining them. Some who consider fashion trends may even choose to go in for medium hairstyles.
When it comes to flaunting short styles, one of the most opted trendy hairstyles for men and women are spiky haircuts. If you see the celebrity and fashion world today, you will find many personalities flaunting these hairstyles, be it in short, medium, or long.

Quick Tips

• These are generally worn on short or medium hair.
• For formal or semi-formal occasions, spiky hair on short-length hair is the most appropriate.
• On the other hand, if you intend to create a unique look for your tresses, you can wear spikes on medium-length hair as well. With medium-length hair, you can easily do variations in punk hairstyles. This style is a very prominent feature of punk, scene, and emo hairstyles.
• Hair color ideas also play a very important role in making colorful spiky hairdos.
• You do not need to have hair accessories on when styling it the spiky way, but you inevitably need to make the hair stand using a good quality hair gel or spray.
• As there are many types of hair gels sorted out according to the way they hold on to your hair, you can choose your type depending on the style you wish to flaunt. The popular amongst the gel types are the light-hold and strong-hold.

Various Spiky Hairstyles

• Some men may not prefer to spike up all their hair for an office look. Short hair on the front can be spiked up and worn on a formal dress for an overall office look. This is known as a front spiky haircut.
• If you want a trendy hairstyle on short hair, you can opt for an 'all over spike' look. This hairstyle gives you the punk look for a party.
• You must use a really good gel and spray for making the spikes stand straight up.
• If women want a spiky haircut on medium-length hair for a spunky feel, they can go in for a 'spiky bob' look. This includes chin-length hair that is messed and spiked up using hair gel.
• For both men and women, a Mohawk hairstyle is the best example of a spiked style. If you do not want to cut the side hair in a Mohawk, you can always opt for a faux hawk haircut, in which only the hair at the middle of the top form the distinctive Mohawk peak.
Similarly, there are several kinds of spiky haircuts that can be used as a fashion statement. The best part is that these hairdos are not very difficult to style. You simply require a few minutes and a good hair gel, or a spray, and you are ready to rock!