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Makeup Tutorial to Get Smokey Eyes

Neha Joshi
Here is a 7-step smokey eyes makeup tutorial that will help you get those seductive eyes in no time. Follow the instructions and you're good to go.
A smokey look is one of the most commonly used eye makeup techniques nowadays. This comes as no surprise as this look is certainly to die for. And it's not even very complicated. You don't need much time or cosmetics. Seven quick steps and you're done! Let's begin?

Cosmetics You'll Need

✜ 1 Matte Black Base (Blacktrack fluidline)
✜ 1 Matte Black Powder Eyeshadow (Carbon eyeshadow)
✜ 1 Matte Highlight that's similar to your skin tone (Performance eyeshadow)
✜ One more Matte Highlight that's similar to your skin tone but darker than the one before (Malt eyeshadow)
✜ 1 black eye kohl (Graphblack technakohl, Blacktrack fluidline)
✜ A shimmery silver or black eyeshadow (Silver Ring eyeshadow)―Optional
Make-Up Tools You'll Need
♠ 1 Separate Brush
♠ 1 Blending Brush for Black Shadow
♠ 1 Blending Brush for Highlight Colors
♠ 1 Cosmetic Remover for Fall Out


Step #1

Use a flat, firm brush to apply Blacktrack Fluidline on the upper portion of your inner lid. This will work as the base, so pick up a dab of it and this will be enough for one entire eye's inner lid.
Always remember to take as less as possible, so that you can add later. Reduction otherwise is not possible. Color this part of your lid in an upward-outward fashion. Don't apply any eyeliner now.

Step #2

Apply the Blacktrack Fluidline in the center of your inner lid now; make sure the strokes are still in an upward-outward movement. Equally spread the color; the shade shouldn't look uneven anywhere. Initially, the color might look faded; but with a few proper strokes, it'll be fine. Pull the brush downward for a darker look.

Step #3

As mentioned in the step before this, pull the brush downwards so that you get an equally flattened surface. Don't apply pressure, do it as lightly as you can. After every few strokes, check the look again and see where you need to redo it a little.
Once you are completely done applying and brushing the Blacktrack Fluidline, and are satisfied with the outcome, you can proceed with the next step.

Step #4

The next step is to use a separate brush and pick up some carbon eyeshadow. Initially, just pick a little, as you need to add more in the process. Apply this on the already black portion of your lid in the same fashion as the Blacktrack Fluidline.
Make sure you cover the black portion completely and also a little above the edges, to where you think it appropriate. If you wish to apply even more than that, it's completely your choice, but start off with applying less.

Step #5

Now, be careful when you perform the following action, as it is going to help you soften the edges of your black shading. Take the same brush you used for the carbon eyeshadow and place it on the border of your inner eyelid and outer eyelid.
Gently, without applying any pressure, giving backward and forward strokes on the border itself, color the edges. Do it twice or thrice; only to soften the edges.

Step #6

Now, use the third brush that you have and take some performance eyeshadow on it. This step is very important; do it with utmost care. Apply this eyeshadow exactly under your eyebrow and above the black portion of your eyelid.
Apply it in an outward fashion till the outer part of the eyebrow and make sure you maintain the same curve that you have given to the black part. Remember, you have to completely fill this part―between your eyebrow and the black part of the lid.

Step #7

While applying the performance shade you must have dropped a little of it on the lower, black part. You don't need to worry about this as you can easily brush it off. However, even when you're brushing it off, make sure you do it with careful strokes. This way, even if the color does blend with the black part, it'll do so evenly.
Apply kohl if you have big eyes. Similarly, if you have long eyelashes, avoid a mascara.
Remember, that smokey eyes don't look great when you have dark circles. This kind of eye makeup will make those dark circles even more prominent. If you want a shimmering look, which is mostly done for parties, you can add a little bit shimmering black shadow.