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Smokey Eye Shadow

Parul Solanki
Smokey eye shadows are the makeup vogue this season and is the perfect look for the night out. Continue reading to know the shades you can use for this makeup, and how you are supposed to apply it.
From the bevy of red carpet celebrities to the girl next door, hot and sultry smokey eyes are the perfect look for an evening out. The eye makeup look for the season is perfect for spicing up your look with little effort. However, the only problem while selecting the right shadows for this makeup is keeping the technique in mind.
Believe me, without the right technique, you can end up looking like a raccoon instead of a gorgeous celebrity. Here is a guide to help you apply smokey eye shadow for that glamorous, seductive look.

Choosing Smokey Eye Shadow

Traditional choices are blacks, browns, and grays. However, you need not be restricted to these classic choices. If you are looking to add some color to your eyebrows, then choose colors like dark pink, plum, copper, dark green, dark blue, violet, or purple. My personal favorites are some great variations of brown that include coffee and chocolate colors.
However, choosing the eyeshadow colors for smokey eyes is not just based on your personal preferences, but is dependent on your eye color as well. Here is a look at some of the eyeshadow colors based on the color of your eyes.
Colors for Blue Eyes: Purple, dark blue, violet, taupe, black, and gray eye shadow
Colors for Brown Eyes: Copper, coffee, gold, black, gray, and brown eye shadow
Colors for Green Eyes: Deep khaki, dark green, brown, black, gray, deep or bright purple, and plum eye shadow

How to Create a Smokey Eye Effect

Contrary to popular perception, smokey eye makeup is not actually difficult to master. Knowing how to create dramatic black smokey eye is simple with this step-by-step procedure.
  • Once you have chosen the eye colors, start off with gathering the tools for the eye makeup. To create the perfect look, you will need an eye primer or any eyeshadow base, a concealer, eye pencil, mascara, and eye shadow brushes. An eye color palette containing your favorite smokey eye shadows by Maybelline or Bobbi Brown completes the list of things you need for the eye makeup.
  • Dab on the eye primer or concealer to create a smooth base for your eye makeup. This keeps the eyeshadow from creasing or melting into the folds. Now trace your top and bottom eyelash line from the inner corner to the outer using an eye liner. Use a cotton swab to smudge the liner slightly.
  • Use an eyeshadow brush to apply the dark eye shadow shade over the liner. Blend in the color, starting at your lash line, and then applying it into your crease. Knowing how to blend smokey eye shadow up and outward in such a way that the eye liner disappears is the key to this makeup application.
  • Now use the contrast eye shadow to your brows. If you are using black eye shadow, you can use a gray, copper, or taupe color for contrast. Dark grays can contrasted with lighter grays or coppers, while deep browns can be accentuated with pinks. Use an eye shadow brush to sweep the accent color slightly above the crease from the inner eye outward.
  • To complete the look, sweep a shimmery highlight color, such as cream, white, or skin-toned eyeshadow in the brow bone and under your eyes. Finish up with some coats of black volumizing mascara in thin coats and you are ready to go.
The makeup is often teamed up with lips in a natural color such as shades of peach, caramel, or barely there pink. So keep the rest of the makeup minimal for a flawless, yet glamorous look