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Skin Toner Benefits

Kalpana Kumari
If you are wondering about the various benefits of skin toner, then here's some information which would give you enough food for thought.
You must have come across beauty magazines and websites saying that toning is an important step in an ideal beauty care regimen. Do you know what exactly a toner is, the benefits of, and how to use it?
If no, then you have opened the correct web page that can provide you some relevant information, along with some very effective skin care tips. A toner is a form of cosmetic or a natural substance, like rosewater, which can cleanse your skin as well as close its open pores.

Is It Necessary?

An ideal skin care regimen involves three important steps, viz., cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. When you clean your skin with water and a cleaning agent, dirt, dust, and oil get removed from its surface. In the process, the pores in the skin also get opened up.
With open pores, your skin constantly loses natural oil and moisture to the atmosphere. To add to it, it is now in a state wherein dust, dirt, and microscopic airborne particles can easily enter and settle in the pores.
In order to prevent the skin from dryness and accumulation of unwanted particles, you need to close the open pores, which necessitates the need of using a toner. Thus, these products are necessary for keeping your skin healthy and conditioned.


The most significant benefit of this product comes from its ability to close the pores. By doing this, it protects your skin from losing the much-needed oil and moisture to the atmosphere. It restricts the dust and micro-organisms from entering the skin through pores, accumulating there, and causing harm to it.
In addition to these major benefits, it also cleanses the skin and removes dirt and makeup residue. It refines the skin pores and tightens them temporarily, which makes it feel soft, fresh, and clean. The regular use of a toner also tends to reduce oiliness over a period of time.
Skin toner benefits the skin texture and tone by improving the complexion. It fades the appearance of fine lines, which are the signs of aging. It also maintains the natural pH balance of your skin, promotes detoxification, and exfoliation.

How to Use

By learning about the benefits of this product, you must have come to know that you need to use it every day. You need to tone your skin with a good quality toner right after cleansing. Cleaning the skin with a mild cleaning agent once or twice a day is necessary. The frequency should not be more than twice a day, as you may end up with a dry skin.
However, if you have an excessively oily skin, you can clean it even thrice a day. The three-step skin care regimen should be preferably performed at night, before going to bed. This is the way of assisting your body's natural process of healing and rejuvenation of the skin.
Therefore, wash your face or any other desired body part with a mild but effective face wash, and pat dry the skin.

Now, take a cotton ball or cotton pad, and put a dollop of toner on it. Avoid dipping of the cotton ball into the toner, as a completely damp cotton ball may leave some streaks across your face.
Spread the toner with the help of the cotton on your skin in small circular motions. Avoid rubbing the ball or pad on your skin. Make sure you cover all the regions and wipe with the cotton ball only once or maximum twice. When done, relax for a couple of minutes. Follow this step by moisturizing.
The method of using a toner is simple and takes no more than 3-4 minutes. Many women know about it and have the required resources, yet do not follow it on a regular basis. The obvious reasons are either lack of time or sheer laziness.
They surely have to pay off in the form of unwanted problems occurring by the action of micro-organisms and early aging due to dryness of the skin. Do not suffer the fate of these careless women. Follow the ideal skin care regimen on a regular basis. The result will be nothing less than a healthy, soft, smooth, and ever glowing skin.