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Simple Nail Art Designs

Aastha Dogra
Looking for easy-to-do nail art at home? Read on for some really creative and simple nail art designs.
A woman's beauty is incomplete if her hands and feet look uncared for. Besides keeping them clean through a regular manicure and pedicure, she can make her feet and hands look attractive by doing them up with beautiful nail art designs. Nowadays, we have many nail spas and beauty parlors offering their professional services for beautifying nails.
The same can be done at home too, with a little effort from your side. You can use simple and classy nail art designs to decorate your nails and make them more appealing and magnetic. Given below are a few styles that you may find useful.

French Style Nail Art

This is a good option if you wish to give a classy and elegant look to your hands.
  • You can start by applying the base coat.
  • When it is dry, put the tip guides (you will find them in all beauty stores) on the lower part of your nails.
  • Take a white nail polish, and apply it on the upper part of the nails, using outward strokes, from the tip guide to the end of the nail.
  • Follow it up with the upper coat, and your classy French nails are ready.

Nature Inspired Design

Women who find inspiration in nature can go in for these.
  • Start with a white polish, and paint your entire nail with it.
  • Take a yellow polish, and paint the tips of the nails.
  • With a green polish and a thin brush, make two small leaves in the lower part of the nail.
These can be worn anywhere, to one's college or office, and look really good during the daytime, especially in summers.

Geometrical Design

If you are looking for something different from the regular nail designs, you can opt for the ones with geometrical figures.
  • Simply start by painting the entire nail pink.
  • Using a purple polish and a thin brush, make different geometrical shapes on the nail, such as a circle, triangle, or a square.
  • Line these geometrical figures with some glitter so that they get highlighted.

Cute Nail Art

  • If you want to paint your nails in a cute way, paint the entire nail blue.
  • Make a small white flower on all the tips.
  • Place a silver rhinestone in the middle of each of these flowers.
This works for both, fingernails as well as toenails.

Dramatic Nail Art

This design can be worn to a Halloween party, or can even be worn by teenage girls, to display their rebellious streak.
  • For women who like a bit of drama in life, or who dare to be different, a creative idea would be to paint the entire nail with black polish.
  • Follow it up, by making an eye in the middle of the nail, using a contrasting yellow or orange color.
  • Line the eye with a silver polish to highlight it.
The above ideas can be easily implemented at home. Initially, it might be difficult to get the perfect shape and look, but with practice, when these nail art designs are done appropriately, they will make your hands look glamorous and eye-catching.