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Silver Eyeshadow

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Sparkling bright eyes have occupied an important rank in many a woman's social weaponry! Silver eyeshadow is that grindstone which enables a woman to sharpen this weapon and deliver that killer glance, to which any victim of the opposite gender must eventually succumb!
Gustavo Adolfo Becquer has famously quoted, "The soul that can speak through the eyes can also kiss with a gaze." Such is the power of the eyes. Your eyes can speak volumes without you even uttering a word. As plain speech is decked with choice words and expressions to hold sway over the attention and opinion of the listener, similarly, your eyes, which enable the expression of emotions and intentions, can be given eloquence and definition to enamor the onlooker and hold him under your spell! Various cosmetics have been used to beautify the eyes over the centuries.
Women have been known to have gone to great lengths to enhance the beauty of their eyes, even at the risk of jeopardizing their visions! In ancient times, women are known to have used the toxic belladonna to dilate their pupils, which was considered beautiful in those times!
Eye shadows have always caught the fancy of fashion conscious women. Be it the dramatic aquamarine or the staple beige, eye shadows of different shades have always found their ways into women's vanity cases.
Applying eyeshadow is considered an art in itself, and famous makeup artists all around the world have developed their own application styles. Silver colored eyeshadow is one such shade of eyeshadow which has always held a permanent residence among a woman's cosmetic estate!
From J Lo to Kristen "Bella" Stewart, from Reese Witherspoon to Kim Kardashian - they've all fluttered their glamorous lashes and held the world captive under the spell of silver hued eyeshadow! Below are some tips on how to apply silver-colored eyeshadow to flaunt a different look each time.

How to Wear Silver Eyeshadow

  • A silver-colored eyeshadow can be worn as a base for a darker eye makeup. Apply the silver base from the lash line to the brow bridge, blending the shadow evenly, extending the brush a little towards the temple ridges.
  • Applying the darker shade on top of the silver base makes it work like a primer and makes the look last longer, while lending depth to the eyes with subtle highlights on the brow ridge.
  • You can go Goth with silver too! Gothic eye makeup is all about dramatizing your eyes with the use of intensely dark colors, but then, a touch of silver serves to accentuate the shadow effect of black. To get the Gothic silvery eyeshadow look, apply some semi-matte silver-colored eyeshadow from the lash line to the brow bridge.
Now cover the eyelids, from lash line to crease, with charcoal black eyeshadow. Extend a little above the crease and blend the black shadow with the silver one in a grayish blur and get ready to handle those sighs over your intense glances!
  • Get a metallic silver tinged eyeshadow to strike up that luminescent look! Apply your nighttime eyeshadow like you do and then slightly moisten the tip of an angled brush. Run the brush along the edge of the silver shadow container and draw a fine silver line along the upper and lower eyelids.
  • Applying a small dab of silvery eyeshadow to the inner 1/3 of your lower lid makes your tired eyes look fresher when the long daytime hours stretch into the evening. Scroll through eyeshadow techniques for more information.
Silver eyeshadow comes in different shades and textures. Shades of silver should be carefully chosen for different eye colors. Bright or metallic silver shades can be worn with elan on blue eyes, as silver serves to enhance the sparkle of this colored eyes. For best results, silver-colored eyeshadow for blue eyes should ideally be glitter or metallic. Silver glitter eyeshadow gives blue eyes that sparkle and starry-eyed look, which can bait many a heart with a sidelong glance and a flutter of the lashes!
Silver doesn't complement brown eyes when worn alone. Silver eyeshadow for brown eyes must always be in combination with other colors, and act as an enhancer rather than a primary shade. Silver, if used on green or hazel eyes, must be in conjunction with other shades and should remain muted.
Silver eyeshadow is marketed by almost all big cosmetic brands. However, the best silver toned eyeshadow, in terms of texture, quality and variety of shades, come from Mac. It offers a wide range of silvery eyeshadow hues like Electra, Forgery, Silver Fog, Filament and Silver. Soft Touch from Chanel is also a good option. So gals... charge those gazes with some silver and get ready to launch a million sighs!