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Side-swept Bangs on Long Hair

Mamta Mule
Having side swept bangs on long hair is a perfect idea to wear a pretty look. Here is more about these great looking side swept bangs. Keep reading...
As your hair plays a major role in your appearance, you would work a lot on styling them. Experimenting various styles to don a new look each time is something most of you would be doing.
Well, if you have long hair, chopping them off is not a great idea. After all it really takes much efforts to get those long locks. So planning to color or highlight them? Well...this won't be enough to get that modish look. So what's the option? How about having bangs or fringes? Side swept bangs on long hair give a stunning look.
Moreover, you won't require to chop off much hair. So if you want to try something different, opt for the stylish bangs. Here are some ideas.

Long Hair with Side Swept Bangs

From short to long, you can have bangs of various lengths to suit your face. You also have options in terms of thickness of bangs as well. Side swept bangs essentially need to be at least up to your eyebrows. You can have a combo of blunt and side sweeping bangs.
You can have feathered bangs which are of a length up to your cheeks, best for round or triangle shaped face. Another style is to have choppy bangs, wherein the length of the strands in this section of bangs differs. Bangs that curl inwards at the jawline are best for square shaped face.
For blunt bangs you can either have those of a length just below the brows or just above it. Long side sweeping bangs are essentially cut in tapered fashion and cover half part of one of your eyes. Short ones are essentially thick enough and slightly tapered so that they can stay on a side.
You can go for those short bangs if your hair is straight and without any layers. Short bangs or chopped bangs are best for you in this case. For long hairstyle with layers, the long feathered and layered bangs are the best choice.
Well, having those bangs on left or right side is what you might wonder about. It is best to follow the partition you always have your hair styled according to. Remember that you need to consider the texture and type of your hair before getting the bangs. Long hair with bangs is a great idea, but must be avoided in case you have very oily and curly hair.

How to Style Side Swept Bangs

Go to a reputed beauty salon, where the hairdressers will rightly know how to cut side sweeping bangs. Remember that wrongly cut bangs can just ruin your looks. Moreover, an experienced hair dresser will also give you right suggestions about the type of bangs that will suit your hair.
You can also get a perfect long hairdo with bangs so that the bangs can perfectly complement them.Once you have those trendy bangs to grace your face, it's time to maintain and rightly style them everyday.
Remember, whenever you wash your hair, firstly towel dry the bangs. Now, apply a little amount of smoothing serum through your bangs. Holding a round brush in one hand and blow dryer in other, work on your bangs, from root to tips.
If you want to have a flip or curl at the tips, do it with the brush. If you have super plain hair than style your bangs with flat iron to rightly pair them with your hair.
You can also opt to have highlights in your bangs.

The aforementioned hairstyling options are sure to enhance your looks. So get ready to add those bouncy bangs to your locks and don a sizzling look.