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Showering After Tanning

Mamta Mule
There has always been a huge debate about whether or not to take a shower after tanning. This BeautiSecrets article helps you find the answer.
Getting the tanned look is the 'in thing'. Tanning has become widely popular due to the amazing look it gives to your skin. It makes you look modish and beautiful. There are various types, like natural or outdoor tanning, or artificial or indoor tanning. But, whether it is safe or no is a commonly debated topic. Apart from this, there is also a huge debate on whether showering ruins your tan.

Shower Prior to Tanning

Showering before tanning is known to have many benefits for the entire procedure. One thing to remember, is to opt for a moisturizing shower gel instead of harsh soaps. Exfoliating is another important step that needs to be followed. It will help you get rid of dead skin and expose the fresh skin. Shaving is also known to be very useful for the process. It will exfoliate your skin, and make it smooth.
Make sure you shave at least 3-4 hours before taking a bath. This will help your skin recover. Bathing helps open up the skin pores, promoting the process. Once you are done, apply a moisturizer to prevent damaged, or dry skin problem. Also, just before outdoor tanning, you need to apply a low SPF. For indoor one, there is a specially formulated lotion which must be applied on your skin to keep your skin healthy.

Shower Post-Tanning

Many believe that it helps get rid of the oils and sweat that clogs the skin pores. While this is true, it is not essential to rush for a bath. The right time to take a shower is after about 3-4 hours post tanning. This is especially recommended when you use a bronzer, because taking a bath afterward will reduce its effect. While many believe that it may lead to removal of tan, taking a bath after a specified duration is just fine.
So, here's how to bathe after tanning. Firstly, stay away from the normal soap bars. These will strip off the moisture from your skin, leaving it extremely dry. So, while bathing, after using tanning bed, you must opt for deep moisturizing shower gels which will help retain moisture.
Another essential thing is to have lukewarm water. Hot or even warm water is a strict 'no-no'. Lukewarm water and the gel is enough to wash off the sweat, dirt, lotion, and salts accumulated on your skin..
Then, pat dry your skin with a soft towel. Now use an after-tanning moisturizer. You can get these specially formulated moisturizers, which will help lock moisture, and keep your skin healthy. Don't worry, this will also help retain the tan too
Showering is good, provided you follow the given procedure, and wait for at least 3 - 4 hours after tanning. So, go ahead and enjoy that radiant sun-kissed look!