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Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Stephen Rampur
There are many kinds of shoulder length hairstyles for thin hair, which enhance the attractiveness of your appearance. Given below are a few of them. Have a look.
There is a misconception among people that to look beautiful, you need to have long tresses. But, the truth is that girls do look beautiful in short hairstyles as well, even if they have thin hair. As a matter of fact, the most fascinating hairstyles for thin hair tend to be short with careful layering.
If you have thin hair, your hair will appear flat and stringy if left long. It simply would not have the natural appearance that is required to look good if you keep it long below the shoulders. Such a hairstyle may create an appearance of bald spots on the head.
Irrespective of the exact haircut, bestowing highlights is an efficacious technique to render some help. Adding highlights, lowlights, or streaks largely aids in creating the dimension and depth absent in your tresses. This renders a look of thick hair, betters your style's shape, and adds volume.

Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Thin Hair

Medium Oval Cut
This type of hairdo gives a very natural look for girls who have thin hair. In this style, hair that is around the back and sides of the head are trimmed in a soft oval shape, with the hair at the scruff ending one or two inches beneath the shoulders.
It also includes long and side swept fringes and soft feathering around the face. If you have straight hair, you can add a bit body to its appearance by curling the ends outwards.
The Chopped Hairdo
This kind of haircut is great for both men as well as women having thin hair. This style requires a skillful hand for layering the hair appropriately to appear choppy, but not so much that it would look thin. It is recommended that the hair that comes off the pate is a minimum of four to five inches long. The rest needs to be layered to become gradually shorter, the nearer it gets to the backside of the neck. In order to add a womanly touch, use mousse on the roots for a solid body and gel to the ends for drama.
Blunt Bob
The 'blunt bob' hairdo is largely worn by women and is famous among many celebrities. Women having thin hair can really rely on this hairstyle. It can be cut anywhere from the shoulder to ear length, and it can be sported with any type of fringes.
In this hairdo, the fringes are required to be cut across in a straight line, and the rest of the hair needs to be lightly layered into a sleek and rounded shape. You may sport this look in many styles, such as straight, with the ends curled in the inward or the outward direction, with volume around the crown, or even with the complete style set into waves.
Sleek Crop Haircut
In a sleek crop, hair that is around the back and sides of the head is trimmed about two inches long into smooth layering. Hair from the center of the pate to the fringes should be trimmed longer, ending at ear length, with side swept fringes. Use a little root lifter around the pate to add height to the style and polish the fringes over one eye.
Short Crop Cut
This hairstyle is a mostly worn by boys who have thin hair. In this style, hair that is around the sides and back of the head should be trimmed approximately an inch in length. Hair that is at the top of the head should become gradually longer from the back of the crown to the fringes.
The fringes are required to be trimmed at around eyebrow length with a subtle side sweep.
These are just a few hairstyles for thin hair; however, there are many more such fashionable ones. Keep trying out new ones every few months to give yourself a newer and younger looking 'you'.