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Short Razor Cut Hairstyles

Kashmira Lad
When you're looking to turn heads as you walk down the street, a short razor cut hairstyle is what you want. Let this story give you hairstyle ideas that will make you feel like a rock star.
A stylish hairdo can work wonders for any person. All you need is a good stylist, his/her knowledge about the latest hairdos, and a style that best suits your face type. Well, you may think it's easier said than done! But on a lighter note, it does not really take much time to be aware of the latest trends doing the rounds.
One such haircut that has been on the scene for quite some time is the razor cut hairstyle. The growing popularity of this hairstyle has made women rushing to the salons. Celebrities, like Victoria Beckham and Sharon Stone, have popularized the hairdo to a large extent. Here, we shall take a quick look at the complexities these cuts and ways to style them.

Hairstyle Ideas to Die For

If you're not familiar with this hairdo, let us first go over the basics! If you don't have short hair to begin with, let's say shoulder-length, the first thing a hairstylist will do is reduce the length of your hair.
On the other hand, if the length of your hair is optimal for this haircut, he/she will bring out the razor. Now what the razor does is that it adds texture and style to your hair.
But before we go over the different styles and techniques, let us first look at some hairstyles.

How a Razor Cut Hairstyle is Achieved

  • Generally, a stylist uses the razor at a particular angle to get the desired look. This can either give your hair either a choppy look or soft layers. This would also depend upon the tool used; he/she can use a straight-edged razor or a razor comb.

  • Since you'll end up with short hair, there is a certain amount of time, dedication, and maintenance that needs to be administered. You may have to use mousse, hair gels, or even hairspray to keep the style intact for long hours.
  • If you're looking for an over-the-top style, you can add some layered bangs in front. The beauty of using a razor to cut the bangs is that it can be wielded in any direction. This adds an extremely stylish look to the entire hairstyle! Long asymmetrical bangs in the front will look really sophisticated and can be styled in various ways as per the occasion!
  • On the other hand, you can add a few layers at the back as well; something similar to a wedge hairstyle.
  • If you think, keeping your hair too short will appear angular and sharp for your face shape, then ask your hairstylist to incorporate the cut to soften the edges. This can be done by cutting your hair around the crown of your head and framing layers around your face; a useful tip over here would be to curl the edges inward for the dainty damsel look!
  • Now for those willing to try something different, a messy or tousled haircut can also be achieved. For such a look, your hair has to be cut through the mid-lengths and trim the edges. Keep the bangs to one side and add texture to the sides. Get the stylist to turn the edges towards the outside so that it adds additional movement to the entire hairstyle.
We hope that with the tips and hairstyle ideas given in the article, you will be able to find one that best complements your personality. Don't feel intimidated by this it and seek guidance from your hairstylist.