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Sleek Short Pixie Haircuts

Simplify your hairstyle and still look stylish. Short pixie haircut is a perfect option for boring long locks.
Veena Aruldass
A pixie haircut is a short haircut with layers. It is styled to be close to the head. A special feature of the pixie haircut is hair cropped close to the face, sides, and back of the head, in layers. You can add your individual style to it with long or short hair where you like.
For example, longer hair at the back or on the sides of the head would look good. The short pixie hairstyles project confidence. It is exceptionally flattering on fine-boned faces, and accentuates the beauty of your eyes.
This haircut is known for its versatility and style, and it never goes out of fashion. It is the best bet for women who are busy or who do not have the time and patience for sitting in a parlor for hours styling their hair.
These hairstyles are simple, elegant, easy on maintenance, and yet give you the desired look. And the good news is, this hairstyle can do wonders on people with various face-shapes be it oval, round, square, or heart-shaped. It also suits any type of hair like thick, thin, curly, or fine hair.

For Girls

A short pixie haircut for girls is an excellent option, as it doesn't require a lot of maintenance and shows off the young features beautifully. There are different ways of making a statement that are available.
To bring out the energy and youthfulness, highlights and down lights, or some quirky and cute headbands can be used.Some hair gel can be used if you want to go in for the messy look or 'the wash and go' look can work wonders too.
If you are willing to experiment, you can try out pixie braids as well. You can charm people with a short pixie haircut in school, at the movies, or on a date.

For Older Women

A carefully layered haircut can add volume to the hair, giving it a very youthful yet sophisticated look. Short pixie hairstyles in older women can have colors that are not too loud, instead they can be used only to cover the gray hair.
It is an excellent option for older women as it is youthful and exudes vigor, not to forget the various options with which you can individualize your look. It tends to bring out confidence in women. Older women can defy age and look stunning in this haircut.

For Black Women

A short pixie hairstyle looks trendy, sleek, and sophisticated on natural black hair. Black hair being versatile, it is possible to have a number of styles. You can choose from different looks and styles, which suit your face type, hair thickness, and texture.

For Round Faces

Long hair is easier to make a round face a bit elongated. A short haircut, gone wrong, can make the cheeks appear wider or accentuate a double chin. For round faces, the right cut is a significant element of a good hairstyle.
A perfect short pixie haircut for round faces is a cut with no curls and which has wisps around the face. The wisps should be kept close to the face so as to avoid emphasis on the roundness.


  • Easily manageable
  • Always ready- no need of a lot of styling
  • Great for summers
  • Easy yet funky- especially if you want to do something new with your hair


  • Restricted styling
  • Not everyone may be able to carry it off
  • Regular trimming important

Styling Tips

  • Wash your hair and do not forget to condition it.
  • Dry it with a towel and use hair gel to style.
  • Blow dry your hair for some volume. (Direct the hair away from your face)
  • You can also use hairspray.
  • Customize with color.
Having a short pixie haircut will always be in vogue, and you can always stay fashionable without taking much efforts.