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Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Short hairstyles for thin hair are a great idea, as they are easy on maintenance and do a good job of making the hair look fuller. Read on...
Pragya T
When facing thinning hair problems, the best solution to make your hair look full is to opt for a short haircut. With short hair you will be able to take care of the hair better and the haircut will make your hair look fuller too.
Both, men and women can greatly improve the way their hair looks by opting for some short-length hairstyles for thin hair. Here are various ideas on thin short hair styles...

Buzz Cuts

These haircuts are opted by many men and some women can carry these cuts too. These haircuts give a no-fuss look, as they are easiest to maintain.
For these styles the stylist will cut the hair very short with the help of a razor. Some people tend to add side cuts or back cuts to add more style to this cut.

Crew Cuts

For these men's hairstyles, the hair at the back and the sides is shaved off completely. And the top crown hair is cut into a flat crop.
To add more to this style instead of cutting the hair in a flat crop, crop them at an angle so that the hair near forehead is longer. Then the top hair are styled with an extra hold gel upwards and frontwards to add the bangs effect.

Pixie Cuts

This cut looks very cute and is low on maintenance. To get these short hairstyles for fine and thin hair, the hair at the back and sides are cut into deep crops and the crown hair is kept long.
The hair near the forehead is especially kept longer and then styled into side sweeping bangs.

Stacked Bob

This shoulder-length hairstyles suits women and girls both.
For these hairstyles the hair at the back are cut very short near the nape of the neck. Then the hair near the sides is cut longer and into a symmetrical style for a balanced look or asymmetrical for an edgy, stylish look. The front section is either cut into side sweeping bangs or blunt Cleopatra style bangs.

Short Shag Cuts

These hairstyles give a very edgy look. To get these styles, the stylist will cut the hair deep choppy. First a base style is cut, it can be a bob style or a shorter one for men. Then to cut the hair choppy a strand of the hair is hold at a 45 degree angle, and the scissors are tilted and the cut is made.
This way all the hair strands are cut into different lengths, which creates the choppy hair effect. Many people also cut the bangs choppy to make them look stylish.

Short Curly Cuts

If you have wavy curly hair then get some layers done at the back and sides. This style suits both men and women; for women the front hair is cut into long bangs, while for men the bangs are kept a little shorter.
Then to style this short haircut, on wet hair a curling hair serum is applied and the hair is tousled and parted sideways or left to dry naturally.
So, pick a style which you like the most and get it done by a professional. To maintain your short hairstyle get a trim every 6 - 8 weeks from the stylist.