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Short Hair Styles for Mature Women

Tulika Nair
Looking chic and stylish is a matter of vanity for most women, regardless of their age. Short hair styles can be a great way for older women to look fashionable.
Whenever one talks about short hair styles, you tend to associate it with a haircut that is not only plain but also pretty boring. It definitely does not have to do so.
With age, hair does show signs of aging like thinning hair and tougher texture, but in no way does that mean that you need to compromise on your looks or the style that you are opting for.
There are many different options for short hairstyles for mature women that you can opt for, which will not only make your hair look better but also make you the cynosure of all eyes wherever you go.

Short Hairstyles for Older Women

There are many different short hairstyles that you can opt for, which can not only be the perfect style statement, but also can be the best look to sport in the hot, summer months. Take a look at some of these styles.

The Bob

When we talk about the bob as an option for older women, we are talking about the modern-day take on the haircut, which is the chin length bob. With age, one problem many women face is the lessening of the definition of the jaw line. With a chin length bob which accentuates your face and your jaw line, this problem is resolved.
Ask your stylist to cut your hair in a way that it falls just below the nape.
Ensure that the length remains the same throughout except for a short layer near the crown of the head which will increase the volume of your hair, or at least give it an illusion of volume. If you like the idea of bangs, then opt for side swept bangs.

Cropped Hair

Another great look for older women is the cropped cut, especially if you wear spectacles. The best part about opting for cropped hair is the fact that it allows for a whole array of variations using different styling products.
Ensure that when you opt for this haircut, the look remains feminine and not structured and rigid.
Ask your stylist to give you short layers at the crown and longer layers at the side. The edges of the hair should be rounded so that the overall look is soft and soothing. Allow the longest of the layers fall at the sides of the cheek so as to accentuate your face.

Waif Hairstyle

Also known as the gamine hairstyle, this is a look that has been popular for a few decades now. While it is commonly considered to be a good look for younger women with sharp features, it can be an equally good look for women who are older and more mature.
Ask your stylist to cut your hair in such a manner that there are short cropped layers at the crown and your hair is closely cropped at the sides. This can be a great look for women who have a round chin and slightly rounded jaw line. This can also be a great look for women who have thin hair.

Pixie Haircut

Think Sharon Stone. She is one of those celebs who has managed to pull off the short hair look with style and smartness. A pixie look is not something that you would generally associate with older women but it can be a brilliant look, if styled well.
Opt for a haircut wherein your hair is cut in layers. Allow the layers to be short and angled, narrowed towards your face.
Also, allow the bangs to fall in a side-swept manner. If you are looking for a bolder look, then instead of normal layers, opt for razor layers.
These are some of the best options for short hair styles. Short hairstyles not only look great but are also easy to style and maintain. So, opt for a short, chic haircut this summer and flaunt your new self.