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Short Hairstyles for Cheerleaders

Pragya T
There are so many styles you can create with long hair, but what can you do with short hair. Those who are thinking this thought should try out the mentioned below cute cheerleading hairstyles.
Hairstyles for cheerleaders should be maintenance free, but at the same time they should look cute too. Many times cheerleaders wear short hair as they are low on maintenance, however one can get bored wearing the same old hairstyle. If you are bored with your same old style, then there are many short hairstyles you can try out. Here are some ideas of cute and fun short hairstyles, that are low on maintenance and yet look very cool.

Short & Cute Hairstyles for Cheerleaders

Pin Back Styles

These work for short and super short hair too. All you have to simply do is get some cute and colorful clips or ones that match with your cheerleading uniform. If you want you can also go with plain black ones.
Then part your hair sideways or in the middle and then pin the hair down with the clips. You can use snap-on clips or bobby pins. Snap-on clips seem to do a better job in keeping the hair in place.

Classic Ponytails

These are classic cheerleading hairstyles. Every cheerleader once in a while will sport this style no matter what their hair length is. Depending upon how short your hair is you can create ponytails. If you have hair which is till the ears, then use this idea. Comb back your hair, and tie the upper half of the hair into a tight pony.
If you want to soften the look then take out two or three hair strands from the sides. If you have slightly longer hair then make two equal sized ponytails by middle parting your hair. But, if you have enough hair to tie into a single ponytail, then make a tight high ponytail at the back.
To make your ponytail(s) look even nicer, secure them with a rubber band and then tie a small ribbon over them.


These might not be some typical hairstyles for cheerleaders, but they do look great and keep the hair away from your face while you are practicing. Cornrows can stay for weeks, and are very low on maintenance. But, let me tell you, they involve a quite painful braiding technique and might require few hours commitment to the salon.
So, find a salon where they can style your hair into cornrows and get them done. If you want you can make partial cornrows too, and keep half of your hair open for casual look.

French Braids Do's

If getting cornrows is not possible then you can make some cool French braids. Make two sections of hair, and on each side start making French braid. Once finished with braiding secure the end of the braids with a rubber band or ribbon. You can also make half French braids, French braid headbands, or make tiny French braids like cornrows if you feel like being extra creative.

Haircut Ideas

Have you considered getting a haircut? No? There are many trendy haircuts which you can consider getting, to add more style to your hair and make them even more easy to maintain. Pixie haircuts look cute and many celebs sport it. You can cut your short hair into a cute pixie with long side bangs or short crop bangs.
If you prefer a longer haircut then go with a maintenance free inverted bob hairstyle. They look cute and with bangs even cuter!
These were the various cheerleader hairstyles, and some suggestions on haircuts. So, try out the above hairstyles next time you go for practice or a competition.