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A Peek at the Super Trendy Short Hairstyles of 2020

Pragya T
Spiky pixies and sleek bobs are still rocking the scene, and many female celebs are sporting them. For men, it is the year of surgical design and choppy texture. Take a look at the trendy short hairstyles for 2020 and tips on how to get them.
Short hairstyles are awesome, because you don't have to spend hours styling them, and also they are perfect for summer. If you are bored with your long locks, then why not get rid of them? Doing so, you can hashtag it on social media as #shorthairdontcare.

For Women

Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie haircut is the most sought-after short hairstyle. There are all sorts of variations of pixie. The most trending is the textured pixie cut. Many prefer to dye their hair absolutely jet black or platinum blonde with this variation of the pixie cut.
Do check out the platinum haircut of the Queen of Pixies - Katy Perry. A lot of female celebrities, from Scarlett Johansson to Jennifer Lawrence and from Anne Hathaway to Kristen Stewart, have rocked the pixie cut. It's your turn now!

Bob Cuts

There are many options for short bob hairstyles. An unconventional bob, is the most popular style. Shag-cut bobs give a contemporary and sleek look. The sides can be cut in a way to look symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Barrel Curls

Curly hair may seem simple and easy in photographs, but they need special attention.  An inch or so below the jaw, this hairstyle is finished in variations of blonde shades. Ultimately, these bouncy barrel curls render a look to die for!

For Men

Undercut with Comb Over

Comb over hairstyles have made a comeback with a bang. Celebs and models are sporting these styles throughout the year. Use a strong-hold product like gel or mousse to get the puffed hair effect.

Fade Styles

Fade styles are the most trending hairstyles for men this year! Short Hair + Mid Skin Fade, Buzz Cut + Shape Up + Sideburn and Neck Taper, Short Textured Crop + Beard, Short Curls + Burst Fade, Quiff + Mid Bald are some ideas for fade styles.
Choose any hairstyle and accompany them with a cool hair color to make it look even more unique and stylish!