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Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Pragya T
Have a look at at various short haircuts for fine hair for men and women, out of which you can pick a style for yourself.
Just because you have short hair doesn't mean there isn't much you can do with your hair. There are many different styles which you can get your hair cut into. However, it is important to describe the style you desire properly to your stylist. Or you can carry a picture of that short haircut with you, when going to the salon.

Short Haircuts for Women

Pixie Haircut:

These hairstyles suit fine hair, as they are naturally easy to style into a pixie cut. For this the stylist will cut your hair at the back and the sides into short crops and keep the crown hair longer. Then the long hair is styled into long sweeping side bangs or short blunt bangs.

Faux Mohawk:

If you are bored of the bob and short cuts, then try this edgy hairstyle.
Faux Mohawk is not as dramatic as the Mohawk hairstyle, but gives a cool, bold and edgy look. For this style, the stylist will cut hair on the sides into very short crops and keep the middle hair longer. 
Then the top hair will be styled with an extra hold gel, frontwards and upwards with lot of bangs falling on your forehead. If you wish to try spiky short haircuts for women, then instead of styling the Mohawk frontwards, style it into small spikes.

Graduated Bob:

These are very popular haircuts. In a graduated bob haircut style, the back hair are cut very short near the nape of the neck and the side hair are kept longer.
You can keep the side hair symmetrical for a balanced look or keep them asymmetrical for an edgy look. Accompany this style with blunt Cleopatra bangs to complete the look.

Layered Cut:

For this haircut the stylist will keep the first layer till your chin. Then the hair will be cut into deep layers. The hair will be cut in such a way that they look flipped outwards, then side bangs will be added in the front.

Trendy Haircuts:

These are popular sleek trendy haircuts, which have a lot of side bangs that fall on your eyes, are cut shorter on the back and sides, with some hair strands cut in a way to look tapering on the sides. These cuts get the sleek look, because they are finished with a razor.

Short Haircuts for Men

Front Spiky Cut:

This is a very good style for fine hair. In this, hair on the sides and back are cut short. And the hair on the crown are cut tapering with the hair longest near the forehead. Then with a styling product the front hair are styled spiky.

Layered Cuts:

This look has been made popular by Zack Efron. To get these layered hairstyles, cut your hair into deep layers with lot of front side bangs which fall on your eyes. And keep the back hair a little longer.

Faux Hawk:

This punk hairstyle is done in a similar way as a layered cut. However, when this style is cut for men, the middle hair are kept shorter, also there are either small bangs or no bangs.

Messy Styles:

A messy hairstyle is perfect for a relax hairdo. Get your hair cut short and with a curling hair serum or a mousse, spread it on your palms. Then on wet hair apply this and tousle your hair and let it naturally dry.
So, pick a haircut which you think will suit your face and one you will be able to maintain, and go to the stylist to get the haircut. To maintain the haircut, visit the stylist every 4 - 6 weeks.