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Short Emo Hairstyles

Sourabh Gupta
Emo hairstyles are growing in popularity among teens. Emo was actually a radical trend on the punk music scene, which later became a fashion statement. Given here are ways in which you can style short hair adhering to this popular trend.
Emo hairstyles are the result of emo music that developed in 1980s. The first, popular emo music bands were 'Rites of Spring' and 'Embrace'. Their music was a sub-genre of the punk rock music that had melodic tunes and the lyrics included strong personal emotions and sometimes, self-confessions. These musicians wore black clothing and had stylish haircuts.
They made a public display of their emotions through their songs. Gradually, it became a fashion trend, with youngsters copying the fashion as well as the music, and came to be known as emo, which stood for emotional or 'emocore'. The hairstyle was called emo/punk hairstyle, and is quite a trend among the youth now.

Short Punk Hairstyles

Emo hairstyles are more popular among teens these days. The whole concept of this teen hairstyle is to look different. The basic emo hairstyle can be described as having long, dyed black and straightened fringes which are brushed to one side of the face covering one eye or sometimes both the eyes.
It has also been observed that emos like the color black. They dye their hair black and dress in black, which represents an emotional or showy attitude.

Short emo haircuts have become fashionable, as they are very manageable and versatile. Getting one is easy, if you have straight hair.
Your hairstylist can tell you what punk hairstyle will suit you the best according to your features, personality, and style.

Most emo haircuts feature layers with varying lengths. Some of the popular short emo hairstyles are:
• Having sleek shags which are cut close to the head and parted on one side.

• A bob-like cut is also very popular, which features same hair length all over without a proper partition. The hair is set on one side with the help of mousse, so that the sides get a messy look.
• Another popular short haircut among teens is the classic short hairstyle. In this, the hair is razor cut at the back, leaving long sleek sections of hair on each side.

• Males generally prefer the spiked look, where the hair is spiky and short at the back, but has long fringes on the forehead. Some females also sport this haircut.
• Wavy, cropped look is another great emo hairstyle, which features soft, short waves close to the head. It is easy to maintain, but takes long for the hair to grow back.
Whatever the style, short punk hairstyles feature three basic elements.
• The hair is always black in color. People who do not have black hair need to dye them black.
• They are asymmetrical, the hair is choppy and sharply cut into layers.
• And lastly, the hair is dead straight. Straight hair can be achieved by modern straightening irons and hair gels.
Short punk hairstyles not only include dyeing the hair black but also shading it with different colors like vibrant red, blue, or purple. Hollywood actress Kate Winslet sported the look with purple streaks in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was highly appreciated by fashion gurus.