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Short Asymmetrical Haircuts

Rimlee Bhuyan
If you are looking for a makeover, then a short asymmetrical haircut is an option that you can consider. It is a very versatile haircut which is also trendy and fashionable. To know which are some of the best asymmetrical haircuts that you can sport, take a look...
Most women tend to stick to the safe options when it comes to haircuts and hairstyles. But if you are looking to drastically change your personal style, then consider a haircut that is edgy and bold. Asymmetrical haircuts are such haircuts that can transform your current appearance and give you a completely new look.
Although asymmetrical haircuts can be fashioned on any length of hair, short asymmetrical haircuts are the most popular. The best thing about these haircuts is that it is very versatile and there are many variations of the asymmetrical haircut that you can experiment with.
Some years ago short asymmetrical haircuts were considered suitable for women who were into punk or grunge look. But this is no longer the case. The right kind of short asymmetrical haircut can be worn by anyone and it can be suitable for both the boardroom and a nightclub.
Given below are some of the best asymmetrical haircuts for short hair that you can sport this season which are trendy and chic.

Short Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

If you are looking for a short asymmetrical hairstyle that is chic and trendy, but at the same time not over the top, then you cannot go wrong with short asymmetrical bob haircut. This haircut is suitable for women who have wavy or straight hair.
To get this haircut ask your stylist to cut your hair in such a way that the hair at the front is about an inch and a half longer than the back. Also ask for long seamless layers (not choppy) at the back with four to five inch layers at the crown area. This will give the hair at the crown more volume.
To style this haircut, apply a coin size amount of texturizing cream on the front and sides of your hair and then tease hair at the crown with a rattail comb. Finish by running a bit of shine enhancing serum through your hair to make it look glossy. This haircut suits women who have sharp and defined bone structure.

Short Asymmetrical Haircut with Wispy Ends

An asymmetrical hairstyle that suits women with gamine features is a short asymmetrical haircut with wispy ends. This is an ideal short haircut for women who have fine, thin hair. To get this haircut ask your stylist to cut your hair at the front and sides two to three inches longer than the back.
Hair at the back should have graduated layers and the hair at the sides should be cut at an angle. Also ask your stylist to thin out the ends at the sides by using thinning shears to give wispy ends. This gives this haircut a more playful and whimsical look. You can choose to highlight your hair at the sides or at the ends for a more edgy look.
To style this haircut, apply shine enhancing serum to hair and then create a deep side part. Blow dry your hair straight with the help of a blow dryer and paddle brush, making sure that you keep the nozzle of blow dryer close to the hair. To finish the style just spritz your hair with a medium hold hairspray.

Short Asymmetrical Haircut with Layers

A layered short asymmetrical haircut is a good haircut option for women who have thick and frizzy hair. To get this haircut ask your stylist to cut your hair in choppy layers at the front with the back cut in short seamless layers that blends well without any hard edges.
The ends of the layers at the front should be thinned out with thinning shears to give it a more unstructured and natural look. To style this haircut apply a coin sized amount of volumizing hair mousse to the hair at the crown and blow dry hair straight.
To give hair a bit of texture and bounce, curl one inch section of hair with a narrow barreled curling iron. Spritz hair with a hairspray to hold the curls.

Short Asymmetrical Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

Asymmetrical haircuts with side swept bangs look great on women who have round face shape as it slims down the face. Ask your stylist to cut your hair in long face framing layers at the front with the shortest layer staring at your ear and the longest layer just skimming your collarbone.
Hair at the crown should be cut in short layers and hair at the back should be cut in such a way that its length hits an inch below the nape. Ask your stylist for side swept bangs that is sleek and not choppy.
The best way to style such a haircut is to apply a silicone serum to the hair and then flat iron hair. This will give a shiny and sleek appearance which is chic and edgy.
Short asymmetrical haircuts are not only trendy but they are also very versatile. They can be styled in different ways to give you a new look. So, this season if you have decided to cut your hair short or change your look, then opt for an asymmetrical haircut.