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Shea Butter Vs. Cocoa Butter

Puja Lalwani
Both shea butter and cocoa butter have immense benefits for those who use them. However, some still prefer one over the other. Which one is better for you? Let's find out.
Both shea butter and cocoa butter are popular, but a lot of people are concerned about which one is better; cocoa butter or shea butter. The truth is both are great in their own respects, and do a lot of good for skin and hair problems. Here, we make an attempt to bring out a difference between the two, to help you decide which one you would like to use.

How are Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter Different?

Let's start with the basics, i.e. the origin of these two wonderful body products. Cocoa butter is obtained from the cacao bean found in the west African regions as well as in South America, while shea butter is obtained from the shea nut tree (also known as the Karite nut tree), also in the west African regions.
Both come from natural sources. Here's how the two are different in terms of the benefits they offer.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is extremely soft and melts at body temperature. As such, it is easily absorbed by the skin to leave it feeling soft and smooth. It is also used on dry hair to rejuvenate it and make it healthy. Being rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, the benefits that can be obtained from using this product have been enlisted here.
➞ Shea butter helps take care of a number of dry skin problems that include psoriasis and eczema. In fact, using this product on a regular basis can keep such conditions at bay.
➞ It is also used to help treat dry hair and works as a great natural conditioner. It helps maintain long hair and prevents split ends.
➞ The biggest benefit of shea butter is that it works as a natural sunscreen. Apply some and walk out into the sun, and you will be protected from harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun, and from general skin damage.
➞ This remarkable product has the ability to fade away scars and works as a great remedy to prevent acne. Though it has an oily base, its properties make it a protector against acne because of its high vitamin A levels.
➞ Finally, you may use shea butter to get rid of skin discoloration, dark spots and rashes.
➞ This product has a shelf life of one to two years and is slightly on the expensive side.
Shea butter can be used in its purest form, i.e. organic shea butter, and is even found in moisturizers or specific lotions, hair care products, soaps, body washes, and natural oils developed for the skin and hair. You may use it in the form you are most comfortable with, though it must be mentioned that pure shea butter will have the best benefit.

Cocoa Butter

Just like shea butter, cocoa butter also melts when used on the body. However, it also solidifies at room temperature and contains natural oils and antioxidants that are great for the skin.
➞ Cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer for the skin, leaving it soft and supple. It can be used to restore dry skin wonderfully.
➞ One of the most popular benefits of this product is its ability to help prevent and lighten stretch marks. It is known to be a pregnant woman's savior in terms of this aspect.
➞ The natural aroma of cocoa butter is known to be great when used in a massage to relax and soothe the senses, thereby relieving stress.
➞ Because of the natural antioxidants in the product, it has a shelf life of almost five years, and is comparatively less expensive than shea butter.
Like shea butter, cocoa butter is also available in a variety of skin products such as body washes, moisturizers, lotions, and oils. However, it is not as great for hair as shea butter, unless combined with other products. It can make hair very greasy, though some people have benefited by combining it with a variety of oils.
Finally, you will have to use either and see which one suits you better. Though popular opinion is in favor of shea butter, there are others who swear by the benefits of cocoa butter. Use both, carry out a comparison, and then decide which one you would like to use for a particular purpose. Either way, you will do your body great benefits by using these natural products.