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Semi-permanent Hair Color

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Semi-permanent hair color consists of coloring agents having small molecules that fade away after shampooing a few number of times.
Semi-permanent hair color has color agents with tiny molecules that fade away after shampooing a few times.
Hair coloring is one of the best ways to achieve a makeover. A perfect hair color blends well with the skin, thus highlighting the facial features and eye shade. Taking this into consideration, try particular shades of hair colors only after analyzing your skin tone and eye color.
Hair color classification is based on the persistence of the color on natural hair, there are 4 primary types: 
  • Temporary
  • Semi-permanent
  • Demi-permanent
  • Permanent hair colors.

Each of these types is preferred as per individual choice. Nevertheless, semi-permanent hair color is the most sought after color type, due to its post application results and safety.

Application Process

Most women opt for semi-permanent hair color to change the natural hair color, to get a different colored hair prior to using permanent hair colors or at times, to cover gray hair.
A basic tip for choosing a hair color is to opt for the specific shade that is two tones lighter or darker than your original hair color, and he one that suits your skin and eye color.
First the scalp should be evaluated for any injury or irritation before application. Deep hair conditioning is also advisable for dry hair. You can refer to the instructions for safe hair coloring ideas.
Wear gloves and do a patch test for allergies. Part your hair into sections and dye them from root to tip. Comb with a wide toothed hairbrush covering the head with plastic cap till imposed color setting time. Rinse and wash the dye with cold water and towel dry.

Hair Care

It is no doubt that semi-permanent hair color lacks ammonia or other toxic chemicals (unlike permanent hair color), which may affect the natural hair texture.
In order to increase the longevity of this hair color, you can consider washing the hair with a mixture of one part white vinegar and one part lukewarm water, to rinse the color from your hair. Doing so helps in retaining the colors for a longer period by increasing the pH of the product.
The most important caring tip after dyeing hair with this hair color is using mild shampoo and leave-on conditioners. This will help in preventing hair breakage and split ends. Always wear a protective hat during exposure to harsh sun's rays.


Semi-permanent hair dye persists for about 6-12 washes. Some products contain dilute peroxide and ethanolamine, which help in slight opening of hair cuticles, thus lasting for nearly 20 washes. To remove the color before it fades away on its own, you can do so just after hair coloring in 24 hours. Wash your hair multiple times with shampoo and hot water.
To remove hair dye after 2-3 days, you can apply virgin olive oil or lemon juice along the hair strands, leave it for 10-15 minutes, and rinse the hair thoroughly with cold water. Another option to remove it, is by using white vinegar all over the hair. Wash the hair after 20 minutes.