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Semi-formal Hairstyles

Puja Lalwani
Of the many semi-formal hairstyles, choosing the right one to complete your overall attire for any event is imperative. Read the following story to find out how you can carry off your tresses in different styles for the event.
There are many occasions that fall under the category of semi-formal and require you to dress accordingly. Perhaps, you have been invited to a small dinner party by your boss, with the rest of your colleagues, or it's time to meet the parents. Along with the right attire, you also require the right hairstyle. To add the finishing touch to your overall subtle yet dazzling appearance, choose from any of these styles.

For Medium Hair

Do not get demoralized by the short length of your hair; they can be easily styled into a variety of manners, and look as charming as any of the long ones.
For short to medium-length hair, an interesting hairstyle is to wear half the hair up and the rest of them, down. To do so, pull up all the front of your hair and hold them in place, either with a clip or a bobby pin, while leaving the rest of them open.
You can curl them into loose curls, in order to soften the entire look. You may also braid them, though, in some cases, the length may not permit it.
If they are chin length, just leave them loose, preferably straightened, if you do not have naturally straight ones, and add a decorative piece in your hair by parting them to one side (say, to the right), and fixing the decorative piece on the left. Even a classy headband is a good option, or a simple flower tucked behind your ear.
Part your hair at the center. Take a section of them on either side, twist the section completely, and secure it at the back with a bobby pin. Repeat the same with a section on the other side. Now, cover the bobby pins at the back by fixing a decorative hair accessory.
To make it further innovative, fix small hair jewels all along the twisted section. This is a perfect style for a semi-formal event.

For Long Hair

The wonders that can be worked with them for any kind of event are several. Their beauty is that they can be set into any style and provide you with one, exactly suited for the event.
One of the easiest ones is to loosely curl them and leave them open. This style is not very demanding and can be held in place with the use of a little hair spray. It serves well for any kind of event.
Along with the loose curls, tying them up into a ponytail is another style that works well.
A one-sided ponytail, fixed on either side of your hair, is an interesting twist to the regular one. This works particularly well with the curled ends.
Braids are hairstyles that never seem to lose their charm, and this charm will definitely remain for the event you are heading off to.
There are a variety of such French styles that you can choose from, which can be further accessorized depending on the kind of event you are attending. One way is to add a hair jewel to every knot of the braid. It's subtle, yet it dazzles.
An updo is a great way to keep the long hair looking great and under control. There are several easy updos for the same that are perfect for any event.
Lastly, nothing beats a straight, open hair look. Carry it off with panache.
Enhanced by a variety of decorative hair accessories, and carried off with the right amount of elegance, these hairstyles can bedazzle everyone around and are perfect for any occasion that you may deem semi-formal.