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Sedu Hairstyles for Women

Tulika Nair
Do you love the poker straight hair look that many celebrities have? Are you enthused about trying out Sedu hairstyles? Here, we tell you how these hairstyles originated and tell you about the different variants that you can opt for.
It is an obsession that has been around for quite a few years now. Women all over the world adore this look and would probably do anything to be able to sport this look with panache.
We are talking about nothing other than Sedu hairstyles; those ultra fashionable hairdos that can make every woman look like a million bucks and bring out the princess inside of her. But where and when did Sedu hair trends originate and how can you adopt this look? We have the answers to all these questions and more here.

Sedu Hairstyles: An Overview

While today this type of hairstyle is generally categorized under the name Sedu, it was actually the creation of a company known as Sedu Beauty which was founded in the year 1991.
What set Sedu hairstyle apart from the other straight hairstyles, was its unique glossy attribute which were created by the use of the SeduFlatIrons. These irons are made using tourmaline in its solid form and ceramic.
Since both of these materials are naturally soft, they imbibe the qualities of moisture and shine to every hair strand that they are run on. Also the heat they use is based on infrared heat technologies which uses negative ions and seals the moisture it infuses.
So, technically only a hairstyle that has been created using a SeduFlatIrons can be called a Sedu hairstyle. While these hairstyles are generally identified by their quality of being poker straight, in recent times Sedu has developed irons that allows you to create wavy and curly hairstyles as well.
These hairstyles was made extremely popular by Jennifer Anniston who sported variants of the hairstyle in the television series, Friends. Other celebs who have often been spotted sporting this look include Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson and Emma Watson. In the next section, we tell you how you can recreate this look for yourself at home.

How to Style Your Hair in Sedu Fashion

Without question, the first thing that you need to do, if you are planning on creating a Sedu look for yourself is to ensure that you have a SeduFlatIron. Without this in your possession, it is impossible for you to recreate the look that you have in mind. Once you have the necessary equipment for hairstyling, you can follow the simple steps given here.
• First and foremost, before you start out on the hair styling project, ensure that you wash your hair well and condition it. It is important that your hair not be greasy as that will only make your hair look oilier. It is important to condition your hair as without it the heat from the iron will damage your hair.
• Ensure that before you use the iron on your hair, you dry your hair completely. Avoid using a blow dryer to do this. It may be a better idea to allow your hair to dry naturally. If you have to blow dry your hair, then run a brush through your hair while drying it and do not direct the air of the dryer directly at the hair.
• Also while doing this at home and for your own hair, it may be a good idea to use a small iron and not one of the large ones. While the smaller Sedu irons may take a lot more time, the resultant look will be sleeker and better.
• Work with one section of hair at a time. Separate your hair into tiny sections that are not thicker than two inches. While the process will definitely take much more time than desired, your hair will look much more glossier and beautiful.
• One more important thing to keep in mind is to not use a brush as that will only create unwanted volume and static that you would want to avoid. Use your fingers as a comb or even a wide toothed comb but never a brush.
Creating these hairstyles for women is very easy once you know the basic steps that you need to follow. From a short layered, inverted bob look, to a long bohemian, gypsy look, to even a short shag, you can use SeduFlatIrons for a variety of glossy and articulate looks so that you will always seem well turned out.