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Benefits of Seaweed Body Wrap

Sheetal Mandora
A popular beauty treatment in salons and spas, many claim that the seaweed body wrap is beneficial in many ways. Read the story to find out what exactly is this wrap, and if the benefits are true.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.
In today's world, everyone wants to become thin and beautiful. Many people try to fulfill this necessity by any means possible. But is that a healthy way to go about trying to slim yourself down? With spas and healing centers coming up with new promises of losing weight without ever setting foot in the gym, the temptation gets really hard to pass by.
Similar to the concept, a new herbal skin care treatment has been innovated where seaweeds are used. Better known as a seaweed body wrap, this skin care regime is very popular among spa enthusiasts.

What It's All About?

Many spas offer temporary weight loss treatments with their wide variety of body wraps. The ingredients for these wraps are made of algae, mud, clay, seaweed, and creams.
Similar concept is used here where the entire body is massaged with essential oils, the seaweed is brushed or scrubbed on the entire body, and then a plastic sheet is wrapped tightly around the body.
The 20-minute long wrap aids in keeping the body warm, and supposedly lose the excess water weight. Once the wrap is rinsed off, the masseuse applies a lotion on the entire body.

Are the Benefits Real?

There are many advantages such as removing toxins from the body, reducing water weight and appearance of cellulite, restoring sun-damaged skin, and toning and tightening the body. A wrap made from seaweed is temporary as it doesn't actually help you lose weight.
Working as a cocoon or body mask, it works as a detox factor which helps the body rid of toxins through metabolic stimulation. As this wrap also contains lotion in it, some (expensive) wraps have shea butter and rich lotions that make your skin soft due to its hydrating qualities.
In addition, it aids in better circulation stimulation, increases metabolism, improvement of stretch marks, and drops couple of inches off the waistline.
However, don't expect any health benefits of this wrap the first time you apply it. The therapeutic treatment which has natural ingredients, takes at least few sessions till you can see some positive results. Also, the body wrap is not to be mistaken for a weight loss program.
If you are overweight, then the results may not be what you were hoping for, as the wrap only takes off inches of excess bodily fluids. Regular exercises and eating healthy foods are also important while losing a considerable amount of weight. It works as an added advantage to any body reduction program.
As you keep shedding weight with the help of a healthy exercise program, the skin starts to sag and show cellulite. This can make you appear larger than you actually are. In such cases, a seaweed wrap can recover your skin's elasticity.
Although there are many advantages of this specific wrap, women who are or might be pregnant, menopausal, have certain heart conditions, hyperactive thyroid, and/or varicose (swollen) veins, may undergo adverse affects due to nature of their particular condition(s).
Hence, before you decide to follow through with a body wrap, or any other spa treatments for that matter, consult a specialist.