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How to Apply Scene Makeup

Girija Shinde
Scene makeup is embraced as a bold, impacful, over-the-top trend, that works well for those who want to make a statement. Let's take a look at how to apply this sort of makeup without coming off as bizarre or clownish.
If you've chanced upon an emo girl, you'll notice how dark and somber her makeup is, where very rarely do they indulge in bright, neon colors in their beauty ritual.
Quintessential emo makeup is usually straight forward in its look and feel―thick black eyeliner, pale skin that is heavily layered with foundation, dark lipstick or none at all. It's the vibrant hair that makes the goth makeup pop, making up for its subdued appeal.
Scene makeup is all about, color, and lots of it. Neon is a recurring color palette, that looks exceptionally swell on dark and fair women. Let's take a look at how scene makeup is applied, using helpful tricks on how to master this technique.

Steps on How to Apply Scene Makeup

Makeup Residue or Dirt

First, take a clean piece of cotton and apply a little apricot oil (or a facial oil) on it, gently wiping away any residual grime from your face. Be sure to target areas like your eyelashes (in case you've applied mascara), the top of your eyelids, and corners of your nose.

Primer and Foundation

To make colors pop, it is necessary to sport a pale base before applying makeup.
Concentrate on the eyelids (so that eyeshadow stays put), the cheeks, forehead, and chin. Dot the temples, high points of your cheeks, nose, and chin, with foundation. Pat the creamy product into your skin before using a slightly damp sponge to help it sink in better; it also give your face a natural look, as opposed to a caked facade.
Add another layer of foundation if your skin doesn't look even enough. Choose a foundation that disappears upon application, without making it obvious that you're wearing one.

Eyeliner and Eyeshadow

On the eyelids, first apply a layer of white eye shadow, concentrating on the area below the eyebrow and above the lash line; leave the center of the eyelid untouched.
Apply bright eye shadow (like yellow, pink, purple, or blue) in the center of the eyelid, using an angled brush to sweep it in an outward motion. Blend the two colors ever so slightly, so that you achieve a gradient finish.
Lastly, apply a thick layer of eyeliner close to the lash line, filling the gaps between your lashes as you go along. After a couples of seconds, apply a second layer.
Use a waterproof liquid eyeliner to help keep it in place all day long. Line the bottom rim of your eyes with a waterproof pencil eyeliner, gently smudging it to create a semi smokey-eye effect. Add just a hint of brown eyeshadow close to the bottom lash line, using the pad of your finger to spread it.

Fake Eyelashes and Mascara

Choose eyelashes made from real and not synthetic hair fibers, to give your lashes a natural look.
First, stick the false lashes to your own before coating it with mascara, wriggling the wand through the lashes to bring out its length and volume. Wait for the fake eyelashes to adhere before applying mascara.
You can be a little stylish while picking a pair, opting for a funky colored set of eyelashes instead of the usual black. Apply nude lipstick to finish off your look and just a hint of blush on the apples of your cheeks.