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Scene Makeup Tips for Luminous Green Eyes

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Dramatic and bold, scene makeup is all about dark colors and heavy makeup. If you have green eyes and want the perfect eye makeup look that suits for style and personality, then do check out these tips.
The perfect eye makeup for a scene girl is something that is bold and dramatic. Bright or dark eyeshadow, heavy black eyeliner, and long, dark lashes are some of the highlights of scene eye makeup.
Apart from the typical smokey eye makeup, you can also see the use of bright colors like violet, blue, and fluorescent colors. If you are a green-eyed girl, then you would want to know the type of scene eye makeup that would suit you the best.

Tips for Application of Scene Eye Makeup

  • The most widely used eyeliner color for scene makeup is black. You can use liquid black eyeliner, or a pigmented pencil eyeliner.
  • You can use other eyeliner colors like gray, blue, violet, etc. for scene eye makeup.
  • The perfect eyeshadow colors for green eyes would include bright pinks, red, violet, purple, and even some shades of khaki green with a hint of gold.
  • You need to use mascara to make your eyelashes look longer and black.
  • Using an eye primer on your lids will help the eyeshadow last longer.
  • You need to apply two coats of mascara and fake eyelashes.
  • Underplay the face makeup by applying a little foundation and a bit of lip gloss on the lips.

How to do Scene Makeup

Step 1

You need to use a good-quality black eyeliner, preferably a liquid eyeliner. You can even opt for other colors like violet, blue, gray, or even a bright neon green or pink eyeliner.

Step 2

You need to apply the eyeliner on the inner side of the lower eyelid. Start from the inside and work your way out. Thicker the line, the better it looks.

Step 3

Apply the black eyeliner on the upper eyelid. You can use another color to line you upper eyelid, or mix and match two eyeliner colors, by using a green eyeliner halfway and finishing off the rest of the eye with a purple eyeliner.

Step 4

You need to apply eyeshadow from your lash line to the bottom of the brow bone. Use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply the eyeshadow. Blend at the crease using a fluffy blending brush. For a retro look, apply a thick line of eyeshadow on the lower eyelid as well.

Step 5

For getting those alluring lashes, you need apply lots of black mascara. Begin at the roots, and apply the mascara all the way up to the tips. Allow the mascara to dry before applying the second coat. Using fake bold eyelashes enhances your eye makeup.

Step 6

You need to apply foundation all over the face. Apply a coat of translucent powder to keep the makeup in place. Add a bit of shine to your lips with lip gloss.
You can apply bright eyeshadow on the entire eyelid and blend it with lighter colors in the crease. You can make your eyebrows thin or shape them the way you want.
With an eyeliner pencil, you can try different styles and shapes at the corner of the eye like stars or a smiley. The idea is to attract attention to your eyes and make them noticeable.