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Scene Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair

Looking for a new hairstyle? Why don't you try one of these gorgeous scene hairstyles for girls with long hair mentioned here? Pick your favorite.
Aparna Jadhav
Scene haircuts have a very peculiar design and shape to them, where the upper part of your hair is shorter than the lower part, cut in deep layers and inverted bangs. They are known to be a subcategory of Emo hairstyles which are bold and include bright hair colors, highlights, combinations of extreme short and long hair, etc.
When this common pattern of cutting the hair is combined with various other styling options such as inverted bobs and asymmetric layers, they are called scene hairstyles. Even though these hairstyles involve cutting and styling short, medium or long hair in a unique way, they can suit absolutely anyone who wears them!
Therefore, you can find funky scene hairdos for girls, irrespective of the hair length. Here, you will read more about scene hairstyles for girls with long hair, so you can choose a "never before" look.

Getting a Scene Haircut

• To get your hair styled in such a haircuts, hair would be cut in a unique pattern and then combined with other hairstyles to make the hair look presentable.
• A razor comb is used to cut the upper part of your hair extremely short (the size of your bangs), the middle hair is slightly longer and the lower hair is extremely long.
• The result is very short hair in the upper region, making it look voluminous along with side parted bangs and very long hair thereafter.
• Thus, once you have got your Emo scene haircut, you are going to need some attractive hairstyles to style your long hair! Here are some styling options for girls with long tresses, so choose away.

Straightened Scene Hairdos

After you have got yourself this ultimate haircut, the first hairstyle you should try is, straightening your hair. This is because, scene hairdos look perfectly finished when they are straightened with a flatiron.
The rigid cuts that are made with the razor comb are made visible and well-defined by doing this. After you straighten your scene hair, with the edge of the comb, pull out the bangs on your forehead and give them an extreme side parting.
Separate the bangs so that more than half of them fall on your forehead and hold them in the flatiron for some time. Also straighten and comb the back hair normally to give it a pin straight look.

Curly Scene Hairdos

In this hairstyle, you can first wash your hair with shampoo and condition it well. After they dry naturally, comb them and straighten out all the knots. Section your bangs with the help of the edge of the comb and give them a deep side parting.
Take the upper section of your hair from where the bangs start and comb them in the backward direction (back-combing will give them a bumpy look). Use a hair clip to hold the hair, so that it looks like a half pony tail.
With a curling iron, curl the lower hair to get bouncy waves at the edges of your long hair. With a flatiron, straighten your bangs carefully, to make a lovely combination of straight and wavy hair. This would surely be the Amy Winehouse look!

Hair Color Ideas

Another excellent way of styling scene long hair is to color it with bright colors such as; pink, blonde, burgundy, brunette, etc. Most girls would prefer to get highlights instead of coloring the entire hair, as highlights accentuate the haircut more.
If you have black or dark brown hair, you can pick a bright color like blonde, blue, red, burgundy, pink, or white, for highlighting the lower hair. Bangs are usually not highlighted in scene hairstyles but one can try it out on personal choice.
Since, these hairstyles are a part of Emo hairstyles, there have to be radical color changes in them. Accessories such as bows, headbands, clips, tiaras, etc., would also make these punk hairstyles for long hair look brilliant.
These are some ideas on scene hairdos for girls with long tresses. Hope these ideas helped you make a choice! So, make heads turn with some of the best hairstyles for young girls.