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Scene Hairstyles for Girls

These hairstyles are a blend of punk and goth fashion.
Stephen Rampur
Nowadays, people want to look as stylish as possible, especially teenagers and youngsters. And the best way to look unique and a bit different from the crowd is to wear voguish hairstyles.
As a result, the trend of wearing scene hairstyles for girls is growing in popularity. These hairstyles relate to jazzy, colorful, and funky looks. They consist of jagged and excessively layered hair and are considered as wild hairstyles in the punk scene.
Scene hairstyles can be worn on any kind of hair, be it short, medium, or long. Every kind of hair has its own scene styling patterns and hairstyles. You can even choose any hair color you prefer. It's not necessary that to have a scene look, you need to have your hair colored. You can even make such stylish hairdos with your natural hair and color.
However, commonly used colors are jet black, pink, green, orange, red, neon shades, blue, purple, platinum, etc. You also have the option of coloring your hair with more than one of these colors.

Scene Mullet

A scene mullet is one of the popularly worn scene hairstyles. It consists of the hair being cut short in front, and left long at the back of the neck. The hair is cut in a very jagged manner, with choppy layers on the crown, the back of the neck, and also the sides.
You can spike the hair on the top a little to create volume on the crown. This hairdo is considered simple from the front but wild from the back.

Asymmetrical Scene Hairstyle

This hairstyle relates to the hair being cut short on one side, while keeping it longer on the other side. You can wear this hairdo on hair of any length. However, if you have medium hair, this hairdo is most appropriate.
In an asymmetrical scene hairstyle, the hair is styled in an uneven manner with sweeps. Choppy layers are also important parts of an asymmetrical scene hairstyle. You can even include long or short, and bright-colored fringes to get an extended scene look.

Scene Bob

This is the most commonly worn short and trendy hairstyles for girls. In this hairdo, the volume of hair is trimmed up to chin level. It is cut short at the back of the neck, the sides, and on the crown, but is left longer at the front with fringes.
Like in other scene haircuts, you would need to create a jagged look. You can even use molding wax to create volume on the crown.

Shy Scene Hairstyle

As the name suggests, this haircut is styled extremely close to the face, so that the choppy layers are positioned across the eyes and cheeks. Therefore, it hides some portion of the face.
To create a shy scene hairstyle, you need to keep long fringes which sweep across either eye. The fringes should be made choppy. In the middle of the crown, you can trim few strands short to increase the volume on the top or to have a spiky look.
When it comes to scene hairstyles, you can certainly experiment with colors, bangs, styles, and hair patterns to match the look you actually want.