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Scalp Massage Techniques

Aparna Jadhav
Scalp massages are effective in many ways as they improve blood circulation, even the blood flow to tighten the skin and nourish the cells. Besides, they are the perfect way to unwind a particularly stressful week!
Massaging the scalp for hours is beneficial for the skin as well as for hair growth. Gradually massaging the roots of the hair and the scalp, helps the blood flow to the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth, producing thick and strong hair. This is because the cells are provided with nourishment through the blood.

How to Do a Scalp Massage

There are many ways in which one can give a relaxing scalp or head massage. You will need a scalp massage oil, such as essential oils or olive oil, as these natural oils act as lubricants and ease blood flow, resulting in effective circulation.
While you use oils, you will need certain massage techniques, where you can move your hands and fingers in specific ways so that the blood flow is evenly distributed all over the scalp, nourishing each part. To give you an example, we have mentioned two self-massage techniques for the scalp in the points below.

Kneading Scalp Technique

▶ The kneading is a very typical massaging technique which is used on other body parts as well. The way you knead a piece of dough to distribute the flavors evenly and give it an equal consistency, you have to use your hands for the massage as well.
▶ Pour some oil in your palm and rub it with both hands so that both your hands are oiled well. Then with the balls of your 10 fingers, which are not the fingertips, spread the oil over the entire scalp.
▶ Apply pressure on the points you have held with your hands and rotate the skin under them gradually in the same place. Don't move your fingers as this will break your hair roots. After you are done with one point, move to the next point and do the same.
▶ Knead the skin and hair roots gently yet firmly, so that the oil penetrates and the blood flow is simulated. Cover up the entire scalp in this way and while rotating your fingers, move them in one direction (either clockwise or anticlockwise), as changing the direction could lead to breakage.

Creating Friction Technique

▶ Creating friction is a commonly used and extremely effective massaging technique. In this massage, heat is created because of the friction of two surfaces (scalp and hand), and this heat, along with the oil, stimulates the blood flow around the scalp.
▶ You have to use the balls of your fingers here as well, and create friction on the scalp by vigorously moving them on the skin. Like the kneading technique, you have to use only one direction to avoid breakage, since the friction can cause immense hair loss.
▶ Move your fingers in the rotating manner throughout the scalp and bring the fingers to the forehead and then move back to the neck. One of the massage tips is, make sure you cover the whole scalp so that the oil is evenly distributed and the heat relaxes you. This helps in hair growth.

Benefits of Scalp Massage

▶ The oil condition the scale so as to prevent flakes and dry scalp.
▶ Hair roots and shafts are strengthened, hair loss is prevented, and your hair becomes thicker.
▶ Conditioning softens the hair and makes them manageable. It also adds luster and vibrancy to the hair, and protects it from harmful weather and sun.
▶ Damaged and dry hair is rejuvenated and the split-ends are decreased.
▶ The rotation provides relaxation which gives you a sound sleep.
Make the most out of these massage techniques and have healthy, long and lustrous hair.