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Sandalwood Powder for Acne

Shrinivas Kanade
Using sandalwood powder to cure acne is easy and may save you a lot of trouble with your skin and the comments passed by so-called well-wishers. This information enhances you about the benefits of using it for acne.
The most common use of sandalwood is for treating skin conditions naturally. The skin products using it (also known as Santalum album) have been in use for the last few thousand years.
They are still useful in improving the quality of the skin and obtaining glossy skin, especially in those troubled years, when you are growing out of childhood with acne on your face.

Acne Problems

Acne is part of the growing-up process that everyone goes through, thankfully only once in a lifetime. Some of the lucky ones get away with only a minor brush, and very few manage to completely avoid them without needing to use any cure.
However, a vast majority of adolescents have to face this problem during puberty (a phase of hormonal problems). There are some chances of adults getting it too. However, those cases may be few, when compared to the problems faced by adolescents. Sometimes, they spill over the rest of the body such as the hands or back, and add to the distress.
At such times, you might want natural cures so that they don't add to your existing problems. Here is where this natural ingredient comes to the rescue. A couple of homemade remedies are given.

Rose Water and Glycerin

>>Make a paste of 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder by adding few drops of rose water to it.
>>Add a few drops of glycerin to the paste, and mix well.
>>Apply the mixture on the affected parts of the face. However, it is best to apply it to the whole face.
>>After 20-30 minutes, wash the face with the lukewarm water.
The powder has antiseptic, astringent, anti-disinfectant, and anti-inflammatory properties, and so, it is also used in skin care products.


>>Mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder and 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder well.
>>Add water to the mixture, and stir it properly to make a fine paste.
>>The idea is to make the paste thin enough so that it can be easily applied to the face.
>>Apply the paste to the face, and after 30 minutes, wash it with cold or lukewarm water.
Either of these mentioned remedies can help you in achieving natural, unblemished skin. However, be patient to see the results.
Acne scars on back or face and blackheads or whiteheads generally trouble individuals with oily skin. These individuals should use sandalwood powder to get clear skin. These skin care preparations are very easy to make.