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Sandalwood Paste for Face

Chandramita Bora
Sandalwood has been prized for its fragrance and its medicinal and cosmetic uses since years. A paste of sandalwood when applied topically on the skin, helps reduce scars and blemishes to make your complexion radiant. Find out how to get blemish-free beautiful skin using this paste.
Sandalwood is the name given to the aromatic woods obtained from the trees that belong to the genus Santalum, and the plant family Santalaceae. In the genus Santalum, there are about 19 varieties of trees, the most notable species are Santalum album (Indian Sandalwood), Santalum spicatum (Australian sandalwood), and Santalum ellipticum (Hawaiian sandalwood).
Sandalwood has been an integral part of Ayurveda for its medicinal properties. It is immensely popular for its fragrance. A paste can be prepared by simply grinding the wood on a stone or granite slab. This paste can have several important benefits for the skin. Sandalwood is an indispensable part of the religious rituals of Hinduism and Buddhism.
There are basically two types of sandalwood that are commonly found in the market - the red sandalwood and the white sandalwood. The red sandalwood is known for its medicinal properties, while the white one is generally used for skin care.
It is known to possess antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, astringent, and emollient properties. This is the reason why, sandalwood is used to treat acne, skin rash, blackheads, dark spots, and blemishes.
It can remove scars, especially those left behind by acne. To derive all these benefits, you can apply a paste of sandalwood on your face, or mix it with some other natural skin care products like turmeric, black gram, honey, and rose water.

Recipes for Making Sandalwood Paste for Skin Care

# 1

Both turmeric and sandalwood powder can be used for treating acne. Mix equal amounts of sandalwood powder and turmeric, and add some water to it. Now, mix them properly to make a fine and thick paste.
Apply the paste on the pimples and leave it overnight. The next morning, you can wash it off with lukewarm water. This paste can help you get rid of pimples and acne scars.

# 2

As mentioned already, sandalwood can be used for acne scar removal. Mix sandalwood powder with black gram powder, and a small amount of milk and honey to make a fine paste. Apply this paste on the scarred area and leave it overnight. Then wash it off with lukewarm water in the morning.

# 3

Sandalwood powder and rose water can mixed to make a thick paste to apply on the skin. It can be effective in removing acne and acne scars. Just apply the paste on the affected area of the skin, and leave it for about half an hour. Then use lukewarm water to wash it off.

# 4

Sandalwood powder is widely used to lighten the skin complexion and treat sunburnt skin. To get a radiant complexion, mix it with coconut oil. You can also add a small amount of almond oil to it.
Mix all ingredients to make a paste, and apply it on your face. Leave it for about half an hour, and then wash it off with lukewarm water. It would remove sun tan and make your complexion even.

# 5

Sandalwood paste can also help you get rid of prickly heat, and heal insect bites. Its soothing and cooling effects make it an ideal remedy for prickly heat.
Sandalwood paste can also be used for treating minor burns, cuts, and insect bites due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Just add turmeric powder and milk to sandalwood powder, make a paste, and apply on the affected area.
There are many ways in which this wood can be used to alleviate a number of medical conditions, including headaches, prickly heat, gonorrhea, fever, and gastric irritability. Probably, this is the reason why this tree is considered so sacred and valuable in several parts of world.