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Sandalwood Paste and Black Gram Paste

Rutuja Jathar
Sandalwood paste and black gram paste have greater benefits when they are combined together. Read on to know more.
The list of skin problems is endless, and so is the list of the skin care products. There are just way too many brands and products that guarantee you the best skin care of them all.
There are marketing strategies, advertising extravaganzas, and supermodels that the manufacturers use to endorse their products; all this somehow convinces us to rely on these skin care products and their (sometimes fake) guarantee of a great and trouble free skin.
Well, mother nature has some other plans, with natural skin care being the ultimate form of skin care available till date. There are a lot of home remedies that can be a solution for every skin problem. Sandalwood paste and black gram paste is one such solution, that can be useful for a wide range of skin problems, as they have tremendous healing properties.

Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood is an ancient remedy used for curing many skin-related issues. It is rich with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, and hence, sandalwood powder and paste is used for numerous purposes. One of the main uses of the paste is as a cure for acne, and other skin problems of the face.
Besides that, the paste proves to be very useful in treating small cuts and burns as well. Essential oil made from sandalwood has antimicrobial properties, and is very useful against insect bites.

Black Gram Paste

Apart from its very popular use in cooking, black gram paste is very useful in treating facial skin problems. In fact, black gram is one of the oldest inventions in the field of facial skin care. It has many healing properties, and is very useful in treating hair problems when used along with fenugreek paste.
It has proven very effective in curing various skin disorders as well. Black gram is loaded with healing properties and it is the reason why the combination of both prove to be beneficial for skin care.

Applying Both Together

As mentioned here, pastes of both black gram and sandalwood have many benefits when used on the skin. Mixing these together has proven to be beneficial in the treatment of acne, as well as in the healing of various skin inflammations and sunburns.
Applying a combination of sandalwood and black gram paste on the skin on a daily basis can be very beneficial as well. The paste also show positive effects in the treatment and cure of pimple and acne scars.
All one has to do is take an equal amount of sandalwood paste and black gram paste, apply it on the scars, leave it overnight, and wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeating the act will surely give the desired effect as far as the acne scar removal is concerned.
Along with giving a fair complexion, it heals scars, blemishes, and rough patches. For better effects, one can also use sandalwood powder and black gram powder, adding turmeric, rose water, milk, or honey in it to form a paste.
This face mask can also be great with similar effects of both on the skin. This herbal recipe is also useful to treat burns, cuts, sunburns, and such skin problems. As both are herbal remedies, there are no significant side effects noticed.
Both sandalwood and black gram are easily available and as a result they can be a better and cheaper beauty product with invaluable results! Stay beautiful!